Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | September 26, 2007

WHAT! Is This Another Ploy?

Well Praise Him!

Just when you thought things were simmering down, here comes another ploy to bring yet more shame on the Christian race. Why does Juanita Bynum feel she needs to go on Good Morning America tomorrow 9/26/2007?????? Tune in and we will ALL find out. If your at work when it airs, you’ll be able to see it online at

As the Pope of Pentecost, I promise to bring you the latest and greatest news concerning the church world like only I can. From funerals to public beat downs, be on the look out for my new up and coming blog coming soon.

P.S. Thanks for all the responses concerning your thoughts about Bishop T.D. Jakes being on Dr. Phil the other day. And now we wait. 

….and since Jesus Christ is the Almighty God, we cannot be defeated!


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  2. I love this website, to God be the glory. Very refreshing to read about things from a God like viewpoint. Thanks and God bless.


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