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Juanita Bynum and The Star Jones Show & Good Morning America

Praise Him Saints:

I usually don’t wake up to watch Good Morning America but today I had to wake up and see what Juanita Bynum was talking about. Funny thing is that I had no clue she was on the Star Jones Show the other day. As we all know, it was a very quick broadcast and she really did not say much. I expected her to talk about domestic violence, I expected her to be extremly dramatic but instead it was a very calm interview about her now healing from the situation.

“I’m very conscious to keep my heart on schedule to heal properly,” Bynum said during a nationally-televised interview on ABC’s Good Morning America.

When GMA’s Robin Roberts asked Bynum about an abusive first marriage, and her seperation from her second husband, Thomas Weeks III, she said, “My first marriage is something that, he repented for what he did, and I made a vow that I would not talk about that situation because it was over 20 years ago.

“I think right now my focus lately has been on why have I allowed this kind of behavior for a second time,” she said. “I’m really focusing on my own healing rather than looking at the faults of the individuals because I can’t do anything about their actions; I can only do something about my own.” ( The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

In my search on youtube, I found a clip from the Star Jones Show and want to open up the floor for your quick comments on this whole matter. All I can say is “COME OUT OF THOSE PANTS JUANITA BYNUM AND PUT THAT SKIRT ON AGAIN!” (I’ll never understand women who believe and preached against pants and make up and now in 2007 your wearing them, something is wrong with that picture. Its still Holiness or Hell!) But thats neither here nor there (yall know my position on women and pants and men in skirts). There are always 2 sides to every story. REMEMBER, Juanita was the one that stood before GOD and MAN stating she would never leave her husband on her wedding day.

The husband of evangelist Juanita Bynum held a press conference Friday at his Duluth Church to tell the world he is not an abuser of women.

Thomas W. Weeks, 40, also a preacher, said he felt compelled to speak his peace after his famous wife announced to the public recently that she was “the new face of domestic violence.”

Weeks, who faces felony charges for allegedly beating, choking and stomping his wife to the ground at a hotel parking lot on Aug. 21, said there are “two sides to every story.”

“I want to be clear in saying I do not condone in any way, shape or form violence of any kind towards women,” said Weeks in a conference room at Global Destiny Church of Duluth. “My role has always been to operate as a protector and not as an aggressor. I have walked away from many situations between the two of us, just like I walked away that night.”

Weeks said he and Bynum, 48, were trying to reconcile the night before the alleged attack. They separated in June.

“I was with my wife the entire night and felt that our love for each other was going to get us through these hard times,” Weeks said.

On the day of the alleged attack, Weeks said he went to the hotel restaurant because his wife needed help. Weeks said Bynum had banned him from using her likeness at his church in June when they separated. But on Aug. 21, Weeks said, Bynum asked to return to Global Destiny Church to raise money for her mentorship classes.

“She shared her urgency that we meet that night because she needed to solidify the location to make her commercials,” he said.

Bynum has said she was beaten that night and that she had a stormy relationship with Weeks that included pushing and shoving. She filed for divorce on Monday, claiming “cruel treatment” as the grounds.

Weeks said the facts of the criminal case will come out at the appropriate time. He said he still wants to avoid a divorce.

“In the last five years, I have always loved my wife and have been nothing but faithful to her,” he said. “I understand that my silence to date has given me the perception of guilt, but understand that it was because my belief in the sacredness of marriage and hopes of true and full reconciliaiton as to why I kept silent.” ( The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


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