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Choir Music “MUST HAVES” For Fall 2007


Live at Foxwoods
James Hall and Worship & Praise

Thank you Jesus! Its about time James Hall and Worship and Praise come back onto the scene. I truly look forward to teaching all of those “gothic” gospel tunes with full vibrato and words only the song writer will ever know (cause God knows I have no clue what they are saying in there single, but it sounds good). Be on the look out for that 10/2 and go to there myspace page to listen to there single “THAT SHALL HE REAP” Word to the wise, make sure you hire a good organist and someone who knows the words when you try to teach this song to your church choir (lol).

7th Episode: Live in Toronto
Ricky Dillard & New Generation

Ricky Dillard and New G are HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! Its almost like Christmas, yet another choir album hitting the charts 10/2. All praise goes to God for this one because without a doubt, Ricky is a heavy hitter. Can we say GRAMMY and STELLAR next year. Check out there myspace page for there singles Full Vibrato! Clear Tone! Us choir directors are going to have a field day this fall (although the song sounds like “NO ONE LIKE JESUS, NO ONE LIKE HIM which was off of one of those James Hall albums, but hey, who cares, I’m just glad for yet another choir album.

Myron Butler & Levi

Have yall heard Myron Butlers new CD. Came out in August. That hotttt song STRONGER is off the chain, and I pray the rest of the CD is the same. According to sources, they say its pretty similar to his first album, but hey, I like them, so you be the judge.

Youthful Praise

Finally, YOUTHFUL PRAISE new album set to be released 10/23. I have heard there single and it had a studio sound to it, but yet that Brooklyn “ma-shun-da” feel to it. Prayerfully the entire CD will not sound like it was made it a studio. I need VIBRATO! I need SCREAMING! I need a NEW CHOIR ROBE is what I need (lol) Check out to hear there latest single “We Worship You”.


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