Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | September 28, 2007

Religion and Violence e-Learning


In the day in age that we live in, it is very important for us to recognize that in the “church world” there are a lot of things that are going un-answered, un-noticed, basically swept under the rug and our pastors are not doing a great job in dealing with the issues at hand. We are told to jump up 3 times and do a split, turn to your neighbor and shake there hand like your going to shake it off, but there are hurting people who walk into church wanting to find a true REFUGE when all they get is a whole lot of emotional sensationalism. In particular there is a lot of abuse going on in peoples households both physically and mental. People are backsliding right before our very eyes and we don’t even do anything about it except to say “hold on” “just pray” “God will fix it”.

The time is now to stop all the cliches! These families are dealing with life and death situations at hand. Drug abuse, molestations, sexual immorality, pornography, rape, incest, and the like and all we can offer them is a DANCE and SHOUT and a $50 offering line? Say it isn’t so! Your church is called Deliverance Tabernacle, yet everyone is bound! Your pastor has a masters of divinity degree but only 10% of your congregation comes to Sunday School while the other 90% are still trying to figure out how many books are in the bible. I find the problem is that we are not trained to handle these situations and we need to educate ourselves (using the Word of God as our final authority) when it comes to these issues.

There is a brand new website that just came out that I’d like to promote called “THE RAVE PROJECT”! It is a faith based site that we all (pastors, teachers, missionaries etc etc) can use to get well equipped for dealing with these types of problems in our church. It is my sole desire yes, to educate the body of Christ, not just in the “latest church happenings” but also the latest tools one can use to battle violence and abuse that goes on in our homes. Take the time to read the website. I am sure you will find it most educational. And as always, feel free to post your comments and views on the problems at hand. Ask yourself this question. When will the CHURCH be THE CHURCH?


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