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Sunday’s Rhema


Since today was 5th Sunday, I decided to go and visit one of the popular churches here in the area of the United States that I live in. I’ve learned in my Christian walk to be able to listen to the Word of God from MEN of God even if the MAN that is delivering the message does not believe exactly what I believe. Now, I do not promote church hoping, as you need to be a member of a local assembly that teaches the whole truth of God as was taught by the Apostles. No matter what the title is on the outside, the Acts 2:38 message needs to be taught so that when you do decide to visit other churches, you will be able to EAT THE MEAT and SPIT OUT THE BONES! Here is what I learned today in church.

Guest Speaker: Pastor Larry Covington of Burlington, NC

Sermon:The Testimony Of A Giver

Scripture Acts 3:1-7

As a believer, your highest motive that you need to pursue is to be a blessing. In order to be a blessing, you must put yourself in the position to be used by God.

1. People who are doing the right things can be used by God. As in our Scripture text, Peter and the apostoles were on there way to the synagogue to pray. YOU MUST HAVE A PRAYER LIFE! We will be a better person if we spent more time praying. The disciples were involved in companionship with one another. You must also learn to invite people to church with you. The disciples were sensitive to the needs of others. As in the scripture, they disciples showed sensitivity to the beggar at the temple gates who was crippled.

2. God uses people who are willing to be interrupted for His Name sake. As in our scripture, the disciples were interrupted right before they went in to the synagogue to pray because the man was begging. Jesus had a track record of being interrupted. He literally came down from heaven and wrapped Himself in flesh just to interrupt the plans of the enemy in order to give us eternal life. Don’t be so consumed with your occupation that you cant be interrupted for His Name sake.

3. People who allow themselves to be used by God are people who will pay attention to peoples needs as Peter who paid attention to the needs of the beggar. Its more of a blessing to give then to receive. Givers are people who give based on what they have received and what they have. Since Peter did not have SILVER nor GOLD, the only thing they could offer this man was what they had, and that was complete healing in Jesus Name!

God gave you GRACE, MERCY, LOVE, HEALING and JOY. Take the time today to offer that back to the people in your church and community who need it. As the apostles did to the man who was at the Gate called Beautiful.

Claude R. Alexander Jr of Charlotte NC is the pastor of “The Park Ministries”


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