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cult of the year award: the united house of prayer for all people


Tonight, I went to the grand opening of a brand spanking new mortgage free United House of Pray for All People Church on the Rock of the Apostolic Faith. The Pope of Pentecost would like to declare (with the rest of the world) that this version of the Apostolic Faith is a 100% CULT! I did not go into the new church as a worshipper but as a reporter to let the whole world know that this organization is going straight to hell with gasoline draws on them. Mind you, as long as there is life, there is hope, and the peopleof this organization still have time to turn to the ONE LORD who can save them and His Name is Jesus Christ (NOT DADDY GRACE, DADDY MCCULLOUGH OR DADDY MADISON)! Here is a play by play of what took place tonight at this cathedral.

I have always heard since a little boy that The United House Of Prayer was known for there big shout bands, parades, and now allegiance to the Trinity (Daddies GRACE, MCCULLOUGH and MADISON). I got dressed in my good church clothes knowing this grand opening was going to resemble that of a Holy Convocation. As with most cults, everything is not bad, I mean, how else would you be able to draw such a crowd if your cultish intentions were easily exposed. Its once you get into the church that you find this is not your ordinary church.

Picture this, ushers in white apparel, choir’s from all over the the State in beautiful choir robes. Parishoners in there finest apparel (and no women in pants by the way). As I stood outside waiting for the doors to open, the congregation (along with the shout band) was playing regular songs that you would normally here in your traditional Pentecostal services. Ohhhhh, but when Daddy Madison (the successor of Daddy Grace) pulled up in his black limo, boy did the crowd go wild (as if Jesus had just arrived). The crowd went so wild that there was literally a car accident in front of the church (more then likely from people attempting to see what all the noise was all about). Daddy Madison opened up the the church doors and everyone filed in very orderly and quickly.

This is where the tables turn. It was standing room only and once again, yours truly could not get a seat for nothing! Not one but TWO SHOUT BANDS where in the front of the church playing as loud as they could. It almost sounded like a pep rally (the church version that is). I was in awe of this magnificent edifice. From the pictures above, you can tell that they have the gift of architecture. Furthermore, in order to have the grand opening service of a new edifice, the church must be completely paid for and the mortgage is burned! I admire that about them. These jokers have a vision, to bad its blurry!

The Apostle of house opened up with a word of prayer. He began to pray like any regular Christian starts there prayers out. Then he flipped the script. He started talking about Daddy Grace and how Jesus prayed for another comforter and that comforter was there leader Daddy Grace (Now the successor Daddy Madison). “We thank you Oh Lord for your servant Daddy Madison. He is doing your work lord and we love you for sending him to us. Thank you Jesus for Daddy! If it was not for Daddy where would we be”. (by now I am beginning to plead the blood of Jesus because people are screeching, eyes are rolling in the back of there heads and the AINTS are now bobbing up and down like they are at a carnival in the French Corners of New Orleans during Mardi Gras). The preacher ended the prayer and I quote like this “all in the Name of Jesus through Daddy Grace”. I had to hold my composer because I was ready to slap somebody down with some Bishop Bonner Holy Oil. WHAT!!!!!!! DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!!!

Then the congregation gave Praise to God (with minor clapping) but when the preacher told everyone to stand up and Praise God for Daddy Madison, the bands starting playing as loud as they can shaking the brand new stain glass windows! Everyone started to shout. And this was no MA SHUN DA dance either. I saw some women spitting up, speaking in tongues, running to the front dancing before Daddy, ushers were attempting to control the crowd but everyone just kept on Praising Daddy. Some people quickened, screamed out blessings to Daddy and well, this went on and on until the band stopped playing.

I literally said out loud “OH, so we are governed by the music huh”. No one paid any attention to me because by now, they were all in a deep trance focused on what Daddy had did for them which was build them a new edifice.

One thing I can say, there band is off the chain. I would love to hear a United House of Prayer Shout Band with a COGIC organist and see how that would pan out. They played with such emotions, I almost felt like crying because it was just so fervent. Then I had to snap out of it! I said to myself “POPE, snap out of it, your only here to tell everyone on your blog NOT to go to any of these church services” but I tell you, they played and played and played till NO NOT ONE!

Fast forwarding to the middle, the wonderful choirs were summoned to the front to sing for daddy and do there very best for him. They were each given 5 minutes. Wonderful red robes and blue robes. I said WOW, they look good! And guess what, they sounded good too. Then the church choir of the brand new edifice broke out at the end of the song into one mean ole dance (again, not the ma-shun-da but the New Orleans TRANCE DANCE). The ushers could not even help any of the choir members because it was there own church. The presider of the service said “All right now, this is there new church, let them Praise Him, let them Praise Him. The bands started playing again and everyone went bizzerk. Then when the music stopped, they all sat down as if the TRANCE was over.

Finally, a choir got up and sang Youthful Praise “Incredible God deserves an Incredible Praise”. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! They flipped the script again and started to sing and incredible DADDY deserves an incredible Praise. Daddy we love you. Daddy we adore you. Your incredible (and uh, this time I knew it was not Jesus they were talking about). Once again, after this, the band got up and started playing that NEW ORLEANS TRANCE SHOUT MUSIC and everyone got up and danced again. By this time I had had enough. I was tired of seeing this show with Daddy Madison sitting on a great white throne called the mountain top. I was tired of the people praising God for Daddy. I was tired of people falling out and speaking in false tongues all the while giving credit to this NEW SERVANT, Daddy Madison. So what did the Pope do????? I pleased the blood of Jesus and walked out and found my way to the kitchen to order me a dinner. LOL LOL LOL

That’s one thing them jokers can do is cook. Mmmmmmm Mmmmm Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, I was hungry and ate some of the cults food and it was good! LOL

Saints, on serious note, let us keep the United House of Prayer in our prayers. Pray that the truth is revealed unto them. The last time I had been to one of these services I did witness to one Lady. She was ga ga for Daddy Madison and did not want to hear what I had to say. Pray that they all get it right before its too late. And now, I must eat my macaroni and cheese and candy yams, care of Daddy Madison.

The United House of Prayer for All People®was founded by Charles Manuel Grace (Marcelino Manuel da Graca) (1881?-1960), who proclaimed himself as “Bishop” in 1919. Marcelino Manuel da Graca was born in Brava Verde in the Cape Verde Islands. In 1919 Bishop Grace built the first United House of Prayer For All People in West Wareham, Massachusetts, and incorporated the United House of Prayer for All People in Washington, D.C. in 1927. The United House of Prayer for All People has over 100 places of worship in 23 states. The National Headquarters for the church is located in Washington, D.C.


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