Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | October 6, 2007

church spotlight of the week: the pentecostals of alexandria

This week the Pope of Pentecost would like to spotlight a slamming apostolic church out of Alexandria, LA named The Pentecostals of Alexandria (UPCI) where Anthony Mangun is Pastor. As you can tell by the clip above, the African American church does not have a monopoly on the Ma-Shun-Da! Our Caucasian brothers and sisters can get down too when the Power of God hits in a good ole fashion Apostolic Church Service. Keep up the good work spreading the Oneness message Pastor Mangun and Church Family. My only question is “where was I when this service went down, God knows I would have danced myself into a coma”

The Pentecostals of Alexandria

2817 Rapides Avenue

Alexandria, Louisiana  71301. 

(318) 487-8976   


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