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Bishop Arthur Brazier leaves PAW


You heard it first here on the Pope Of Pentecost Blog! This is one sad day (and over something that is so 100% false doctrine). P.A.W. keep your head up and keep preaching the full truth and don’t compromise, as there is no such thing as “eternal security”. You mine as well join Carlton Pearson and his “shin dig” movement if your going to preach such a heresy! What is a heresy? Lets go to Websters Dictionary to see what the definition is.

1 adherence to a religious opinion contrary to church dogma b: an opinion or doctrine contrary to church dogma
2 a: dissent or deviation from a dominant theory, opinion, or practice b: an opinion, doctrine, or practice contrary to the truth or to generally accepted beliefs or standards  


Bishop Brazier leaves PAW

by Kathy Chaney
October 11, 2007

In an unexpected move that could cause fiscal strain to an international faith-based organization, a well-known South Side church has severed its ties with the group after 75 years. Citing differing doctrinal views, Bishop Arthur Brazier of the Apostolic Church of God has pulled the church from under the auspices of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (PAW) Brazier has been the pastor of Apostolic for 46 years. It was founded in 1932.

At issue is the non-progressive mindset of many of the organization’s executive board members. There is limited objectivity of who is deemed an appropriate speaker at the PAW’s national conference. Brazier, including others, felt that non-Apostolic members should be allowed to speak at the convention. Long-standing “status quo” members thought otherwise. In short, Brazier felt there was too much exclusiveness within the organization. There are more than 1,000 churches in the PAW, with a total of about one million members.

Brazier is the Illinois diocesan of the PAW, with 80 churches under his tutelage. With a 20,450-member congregation, his church had the largest Illinois membership. Before Brazier’s departure, there were about 35,000 members in the state. Illinois is a major contributor to PAW’s financial structure. The organization has not been financially strong on the operational side, and without the majority of Illinois’ membership on the roster, the fiscal outlook could weaken, according to a certified public accountant and the pastor of another church that is leaving the organization, said District Elder Andrew Singleton.
Singleton, pastor of Victory Apostolic Church in Chicago Heights, Ill. also is  pulling his congregation of 2,000 out of PAW. “My theological views, over the years, have diverged from the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. We were not going down the same path together. I believe in eternal security of the believer. Once the believer is saved, that person will not lose their salvation. The organization does not believe in that,” Brazier told the Defender.

Once a sinner is saved, then backslides, their salvation is lost. That’s what the PAW’s believe has been for a while, he said. “We’ve been at odds on this for a number of years,” Brazier said. Brazier made the decision about two weeks ago after the organization’s executive board meeting at its Indianapolis, Ind. headquarters. After discussing the matter with his congregation, he notified the head of the organization, verbally, of his resignation, effective immediately. “My congregation is 100 percent with me. I plan to submit my formal resignation within the next month,” he said. While the churches under his leadership expressed their desire for Brazier to stay with the organization, they understood his position to leave. In turn, he encouraged them to not leave. “I’m not trying to start an organization and I’m not joining one. I will remain independent,” Brazier said.

The Presiding Bishop of the PAW, Dr. Horace E. Smith, said Brazier’s exit will be a blow to the organization but is holding out hope that his mind will change.
Brazier said, “No.” Smith, pastor of the Apostolic Faith Church in Bronzeville, does share some of Brazier’s concerns but said it’s reasonable to assume that true change can be made. Smith’s congregation is about 2,500 members. “Some of us will be more inclusive. Although Brazier is 86 years old, he has a young mind. There is a group of us that are more progressive and forward-thinking. We are more inclusive than exclusive,” Smith said. When asked if he would consider following Brazier’s lead if he were not PAW’s presiding bishop, he said, “Yes.” He said his philosophy mirrors Brazier’s. “It is better to change something from the inside. Brazier has been in this organization all of his life. He’s seen the evolution. He’s fought all of the battles. I’m younger than he is coming into this situation. I don’t have ‘battle fatigue,'” Smith said.

Singleton, a former member of Brazier’s congregation, said he also decided to part ways with the organization and resigned his post as a district elder over seven Illinois churches, effective Dec. 31 “The number one reason was my limited time and I no longer view it as a progressive organization. Their views are not conducive to the church growth in the 21st century,” Singleton added. Singleton said several pastors within the state are only in the organization because of Brazier. “He has provided wonderful leadership for the years he has been a bishop. With him gone, unless there are strong reasons for them to stay, there’s very high likelihood that some of them will leave. They were in it for him,” Singleton said. In the end, Smith hopes that Brazier and others that are considering leaving the organization could be able to “find not only a middle road, but a road forward.”


  1. for years i ve been coming to the church where this man brazier preaches, all i know is no matter who i’d listen to preach, nobody moved me like Brazier does, i heard his son took over, i won’t doubt he had a very good learning/teaching from his dad i just borrowed some cd’s from a co-worker i would love to hear Sr Brazier speak in person. he should live forever and preach because now i turning my life over to god and i need a good pastor like Sr Brazier. no disrespect to the son at all, is there anyway i can get cd’s on bishop brazier, it seems i need to hear him daily almost all the time to keep encouraging my faith and hope

  2. I have attended this church several times. I see people responding to the call for baptism. Do they have to join the church to be be baptized. I was told you do not. I belong to a church that does not baptize by immersion. I would like to be baptized in that manner. Is this possible without leaving my church?

    • Yes, it is possiple and you can be baptized at ACOG and still return to you home church provided they are ok with this.

  3. The baptism in water in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is for you. Please feel free to be baptized by immersion and you will NOT have to fear leaving your current church to do so. You might actually be the person that gets your congregation to change their baptism method. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. In the meantime, go to Apostolic Church of God this Sunday and when they give the call to baptism, YES, run and get baptized by immersion. This has nothing to do with church membership but everything to do with your born again experience.

  4. I love Bishop brazier, a true Saint of

  5. I hope that all of True Pentecost will seek GOD more earnestly in these times where evidence is obscure and showmanship prevails leaving us all with the result of II Timothy 3:5.

    With Love to the Church of the Living GOD.
    C.E. Burns Jr.
    Author of “The Zeal of Thine House has Eaten Me Up”

  6. I was born again 30 years ago at the
    Apostolic Church of God. Bishop was the father that I never had. My heart mourns his death, but my spirit celebrates his life! I have no words to really express what I feel. When I felt that the church would turn its back on me, Bishop held me in his arms and comforted me as if I were his biological child. When I bought my home, he and elder George came to bless it. When I was in financial trouble, he was instrumental in belling me out. Bishop was my Pastor, Father, Confidant and my friend. I loved in life and I will continue to love him for the rest of my life.

    My heart bleeds for Byron Sr. and Jr., Sister Brazier, Janice, Lola, his other daughter and Adam. I know that there are more, but these readily came to mind. I will keep you all lifted before the Lord as long as God gives me breath.

    What a man, he not only affected his family in a positive way, but all of us as a congregation as well. I receive so many calls yesterday because people know that I love my Bishop! We’ve got to live our lives the way he taught us to live, not just by what he said, but how he lived!

  7. Bishop Brazier will be greatly missed. I hold the highest respect and admiration for this man.

  8. What is essential for Bible salvation is one “Must” hear the “Gospel” of Jesus Christ; one “Must” believe the “Gospel”
    of Jesus Christ; one “Must” repent or
    change their mind about Jesus Christ;
    one “Must” be “Water” baptized into
    the “Name” of Jesus Christ; and one
    “Must” be “Filled” with the Holy Ghost
    with the manifestation of “Speaking with Tongues” as the “Spirit” gives the
    “Utterance”. This is verified by the Apostles Doctrine in Acts 2:4, Acts 2:38, and Act 2:42. The ministers who followed Bishop Brazier, stopped following Jesus Christ and his Apostles. See Revelation 21:14

  9. To those who left the PAW where the Apostles Doctrine is preached, you need to read I John 2:19. You are with those who went out from us. All were “Supposed” to continue in the “Apostles Doctrine”, but they did not. Since twenty-two (22) of the twenty-seven (27) books of the New Testament were written by Apostles. Most cannot name the five (5) books that were not written by the Apostles, because people do not read the “Scriptures”. They listen to “False Preachers and Teachers” and call themselves “Christians”, when the Apostles wrote to “Saints”.

    • Matthew chapter 7 is a great book of wisdom from our Lord, Jesus Christ. Verse one is particularly relevant to this comment. Romans 8 written by a beloved Apostle, Pau,l is equally relevant, particularly verse one. I did not know Bishop Brazier personally or otherwise; however, our Lord tells us to give honor to whom honor is due. Honor is due this man for the good he has done and caused in the mighty name of Jesus. All good gifts are from above… Let us remember the blessings that came through this man by God our Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost as we put aside our propensity to judge and criticize in the name of Jesus. Love IS the Law!
      I know Bishop Authur M. Brazier will be greatly missed but his work in the vineyards will live on. Let the love of Jesus Christ seize you my brother, and you life will never be the same.

  10. RIP Bishop Authur M Brazier,you will be turly miss,we love you.but God loves u best.

  11. Bishop Brazier was a legacy in thecommunity and did many wonderful things Bishop would be truly missed.. Love you Bishop


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