Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | November 10, 2007

Church Spotlight: Zion Upper Room Apostolic Faith Church

Zion Upper Room Apostolic Faith Church (AAOC) in Gallatin TN is Nashville’s best kept secret (Bishop Isaac Williams, JR.  Pastor). 95% of this Apostolic Church is under the age of 35. The Bishop has 10 kids and this church still teaches that your heels and toes must be in. I LOVE IT! No make up, no pants, no earrings and worldly events like movies! Listen to this choir! Listen to the female Hammond B3 Organ player in the background. Its amazing! Zion, keep it up! Teach those young people the “old school” ways of holiness! The best is yet to come. (FYI: My ex-girlfriend goes to this church, and get this, I use to make her wear the prayer veil……and her church doesn’t even believe in head coverings for women….LAWD HELP ME!)

Zion Upper Room Apostolic Faith Church
373 Magnolia Avenue – Gallatin, Tennessee 37066




  1. Thank you and help me in my the fight against false doctrine ,who will not confess the power in Jesus blood but own victims are more import in salvation and that the spirit wil hate and blaspheme the lord and his glory.let this wrong the power be destory in Jesus name ,thanks and bless and live in praying ,keijo sweden


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