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Hip-Hop! A Life style? NO! A death style!

hip-hop.jpgAs I was carpooling home today with my un-saved co-workers, the driver of the car looked at her cell phone and saw that there was a text message she had not read. She then dropped her mouth and said out loud “Oh no, Pimp C is dead! He was found in a hotel room dead!” I had no clue who this was (because I don’t support Hip Hop or its so called “lifestyle” or “culture”. I asked who he was and she began to tell me all about him. Because I like to keep up with the latest things that go on in the black community, I decided to look this man up online and I came across this comment on a message board that prompted me to come to The Pope Of Pentecost blog and write this post.

“HIP-HOP!! a life style? a death style!! so many young folks say the hip-hop is a way of life, but i see it as a way of death. the life style promotes/encourages violence. promotes sleeping with as many women as you can (A.I.D.S.) if this is what you are apart of this is what you get. PEACE or PIECE (slang for gun) WHICH DO YOU LIVE BY WILL BE WHICH YOU DIE BY.”

There was nothing biblical about this post at all, but I found it to be so profound. When are we going to stop the violence in our community? When are we going to stop glorifying being a thug, a pimp, a ho, pants sagging, breast hanging, illicit sex, guns, drugs and violence. I have learned in the 30 years of being on earth, you live by the flesh, you die by the flesh.

Galations 5:16 tells us “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.” Another translation (The Bible In Basic English) states “But I say, Go on in the Spirit, and you will not come under the rule of the evil desires of the flesh.” Saints and Sinners, it does not get any more simple then this! If I were to have my own translation, I’d say “STOP THE MADNESS and DO WHAT GOD TOLD YOU TO DO so that no one puts a CAP in your behind! (ghetto right??….but I bet you got the point!)

In conclusion, I’d like to admonish all people to give up their lifestyle that is pleasing to the Devil and give their lives to Christ. Serving the god of this world will only cause you 2 deaths. The temporary death that comes in THIS AGE and the ETERNAL death of Fire and Brimstone that awaits you in the AGE TO COME. You did not stumble on this site by luck or chance. God directed you to click on my site so that you can find out the truth. Its the truth that will MAKE you free indeed. Beyounce,Jay Z, Mary J, Diddy nor Eminem are willing to die for you. There was only one person who was 100% human AND 100% God that decided to die for you and His Name is Lord Jesus Christ. Why wait until your on your death bed to give your life to Christ? I would almost bet money (if I were a betting man) that Donda West, Biggie, Tupac, Eazy-E, Luther Vandross, Pimp C, Gerald Levert, Rick James, James Brown, Aliyah and all the rest of the dead Hip Hop and R&B stars wish they could come back from the dead to let you know that HELL IS REAL and that you need to give your life to Christ! Don’t go where all of them have ended up. The World would have you to believe that all of them went to heaven. BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM, and unfortunately each person mentioned above bared bad fruit. I am pleading with you to shun your worldly lifestyle and follow Christ. We have need for you in the Kingdom of GOD! I promise you, you will still be able to use your gifts and talents this time for winning souls to the Lord. God is knocking at your door! Please let Him in!

 Choose ye this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house, WE will serve the Lord!


  1. I tried to put my mindset in the frame of one being talked about, and it came to my mind that I would have thought I was personally being attacked. Then I wondered if I’d of continued to the part I really needed to see, in the conclussion.
    The conclussion was good! I might suggest an addition of the revelation of a personal experience with and an interactive life with the Spirit of the One Whom made all things, Jesus.
    No matter how hardened or callus a person may be, a common denominator seems to be, they all seem to be touched by the idea of being filled with the Holy Ghost! “What? Me! after all the things that I’ve done !?!”
    Keep up the good work! I see God has His hand upon you. Gonna go check out this Sanctuary!


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