Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | December 19, 2007

Homosexuality And The African American Church!


As an African American male, I grew up in the gospel arena in New York City. It just so happen that I was on an apostolic forum reading recent post and the topic of certain gospel artist and the lives they live outside of church came up. As I read, I saw how ignorant people are to the Word of God concerning sin and what we as a believer are suppose to do when we encounter sin in the church. I write this post from the African American Church perspective.

Homosexuality is prevalent in the church (but so is babies being had out of wedlock, divorce, thievery, deception and all other forms of sins). In our congregations, the majority of black churches don’t have programs that will help someone come out of homosexuality. Its a don’t ask don’t tell environment and its sad. Families are broken up, people run away from the church hurt and scared with no place to turn. Our preachers at times don’t take a stance for the “other sins” that will keep an individual out of heaven. We will tell you to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop partying but we wont tell you not to lie on your taxes. We wont tell you to not harbor ill thoughts towards the person sitting in the very same pew right next to you. We dance and shout in our church’s over mess and people leave the same way they came in. Just an emotional high at times. Oh, we can play the mess out of a Hammond B3 organ, our church choirs will sing you into a frenzy, we dress up and all appear to look like we have thousands in the bank when in all honesty, the majority is just one pay check away from homelessness. Our leaders are lacking in so many different areas.

Look at hypertension (high blood pressure) no one wants to tell grandma to stop eating all that pork and cooking with all that fat back. In a few years, grandma is going to be dead of a heart attack and what will we do, dance and shout and her casket and say what a wonderful life she lived before the Lord when in actuality if we were properly trained by leadership, grandma could still be alive working for the master. Homosexuality (both male and female) is so rampant in our churches that at times, I wonder if the gay club has taken a bus and dropped everyone off at the front of the church to go in and yes live a double life.

Understand this, the church is a hospital for the sin sick soul, so we should not turn any one away. However, we can not have secret and open sins lived out in front of the lives of the local congregants. Its not ok. I will say this, the African American church has a lot to learn. We cannot keep building our churches based on the gifts and callings on peoples lives. Instead, we must promote change when one comes into the house of God. I can say that no one is pulling the homosexuals aside to tell them that there is A MORE EXCELLENT WAY to live. Instead, when a family is broken up or when someone gets HIV/aids, or a baby out of wedlock is about to be born, that’s when we decide to preach how awful the individual is.

The bible says we are counted as sheep for the slaughter. The sheep is one of the dumbest animals in the animal kingdom and they need a shepherd to guide them otherwise they WILL go astray! Its my prayer that all of our churches become holistic ministries that will cater to changing the lives of sinners and equipping the body of Christ with leaders that will lead others to the cross.

Remember, yes, its an abomination but as long as there is life, there is hope, because there is LIFE IN JESUS! Jesus is the good shepherd and we should follow his example. If your struggle is NOT homosexuality, find out a way to lead a homosexual into true deliverance. If your struggle is not fornication or adultery, take it upon yourself to see to it that you yourself minister to that person for the Bible says, with Loving Kindness have I drawn them (not thrown them away). YES its a sin but YES we the delivered have a responsibility to snatch souls out of the burning hell that a lot of people are on their way to. I encourage you, you and you to stand up and make a difference as I myself endeavor to do the same. FOR ALL HAVE SINNED and come short! Going forward, lets strive to be like the good shepherd and lead people towards that path of truth and holiness!


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