Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | January 2, 2008

Welcome Senior Youth Pastor of Refuge Temple Columbia, SC!

The Pope Of Pentecost would like to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to our new Senior Youth Pastor of Refuge Temple Columbia, SC ELDER JEREMIAH WILLIAMS sent all the way to us from Greater Refuge Temple NYC (The Mother Church!) I am so elated to have such a humble preacher that not only knows the Word of God but has a love for the people of God. God has shown himself to truly be an “on time” God by allowing our visionary, Bishop W.L. Bonner to get a glipse of our future by appointing Elder Williams to our local assembly. All glory goes to God who gives us the victory! The first thing our Youth Pastor asked of us was to go on a fast with him this Wednesday through Friday! Praise be to GOD, today is just day one of the FAST and the Lord has already starting to do miracles in my life (I told someone the miracle was sent to me in a bundle). Elder Jeremiah, let the record show that you have my FULL SUPPORT! As was states on watch night service, 2008 SHALL BE GREAT and indeed that promise is being fulfilled! Again, I say WELCOME! See you on the DANCE FLOOR!


  1. I am elated that my brother whom I have known since he was 18 years old has had the apostolic anointing of God in his life. Then the Lord turned around and bless him with his helpmate Sister Angel. Jeremiah keep on preaching the Word go ahead and tell it.


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