Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | January 21, 2008

Vashawn Mitchell – Promises

 Vashawn Mitchell
Pope of Pentecost Rating: 2 out of 5 stars ***

This project is BORING! Sorry Vashawn, I expected something a little bit better from a Chicago Native. Granted, since I’ve purchased the CD, I have been playing it all weekend trying to see if the CD would grow on me…..well……its not. The background vocals are whack. Perhaps I am biased because I enjoy hearing vibrato (i.e. Youthful Praise and Ricky Dillard) or perhaps I really wanted to go into a worship frenzy (i.e. Israel and New Breed). This project is just not doing it for me. Sorry folks, this one gets 2 out of 5 stars. Lead vocals are not great, background vocals are not great. The only reason why this even made a 2 and not a 0 is because of your BAND (which I give an A+). Even the Chicago Bump Part 2 was boring. When I hear shout music now a days, I  expect to pull my car over and get out and give Him a dance, instead, I listened and was not moved by the beats AT ALL! Better luck next time……


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