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12 Year Old Boy’s Funeral I Went To Today!

This is the first funeral for 2008 that I have gone to. It saddens my heart when I have to attend funerals for young black men and women. This young man, Joshua Jackson who was only 12 years old was shot and killed last week at a birthday party! I felt compelled to go to his funeral to pray for and with the family. To see the hundreds of 12 and 13 year olds gathered around the “full couch” open casket made my heart sad. After I left, the Lord gave me this revelation. Would any of these kids been in church on Sunday morning or would they all be in their beds sleeping not knowing that there is a place that they could go to and get their souls fed the word of God. Just like it took the death of Jesus Christ to save the whole world, so it took the death of Joshua Jackson to pack a church out full of young people to hear a message of hope. A message that you don’t have to leave the same way you came in. A message that Jesus Christ is Lord and today if you hear his voice, harden not your heart. We tend to ask ourselves why? Why Lord did this 12 year old boy have to die? Because of sin coupled with free will, the Lord cannot force anyone to give their life to Him however He (The Lord Jesus) wishes that all should come into the knowledge of Him and accept Him as their personal Lord and God. This is a hard pill to swallow because we all are going to miss Joshua Jackson, however, because of this funeral service, Jesus was introduced to over 1,000 souls who probably would never have heard of Christ if it was not for the death of their dearly beloved friend. It is my prayer that the Jackson family take comfort in knowing, God can still get glory out of this tragedy. God can provide unto you the peace that passeth all your understanding. Take courage my dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Name!

Joshua Jackson

Hundreds of friends and family members packed a north Charlotte church this afternoon in a tearful and emotional farewell to a 12-year-old who was shot and killed at a birthday party last Sunday night.A horse-drawn carriage brought the casket of Joshua Jackson to St. Paul Baptist Church late this morning, and about 800 mourners packed the sanctuary of the church for a service that mixed music, inspirational eulogies, and plenty of tears.”Look at all the people here today,” said the Rev. Kevin Wright, associate pastor of St. Paul Baptist. “Joshua left an indelible impression on people. You can tell what kind of person he was.”

Police are still looking for multiple gunmen who opened fire late last Sunday night in the parking lot of Rameses Temple No. 51 on Beatties Ford Road, as a 16-year-old’s birthday party was ending. Hundreds of youths ran for safety when the shots rang out, but Joshua and two teens were hit.

The teens survived. Joshua, a sixth-grader at Ranson Middle School, died.

Joshua’s mother, Beverly Jackson, told the Observer last week that several youths who were in the parking lot have given the family the names of two gunmen who might have been involved in the killing. But police say they need more information and have not made any arrests.

Beverly Jackson and other family members arrived at the church about 11:30 a.m. Jackson broke down in tears as she entered the church and was helped to her seat by family members. The opening prayer of the service was interrupted for more than five minutes when several women sitting near the front of the church began crying loudly.

During the service, Joshua’s brothers and sisters read farewell notes to their brother.

“I miss my little brother,” Joshua’s older brother, Floyd, said. “I miss the way he laughed at all my jokes. Sometimes we’d get mad at each other, but I love my little brother.”

Standing next to the 12-year-old’s casket was a large photo of Joshua in his football uniform. On the left side of the casket were several easels, containing letters written to Joshua by friends. Members of the West Charlotte Redskins, a youth football team of which Joshua was a member, sat together in the front of the sanctuary during the service.

Several players from the team were among the pallbearers.

“He was just the nicest young man, a pleasure to be around,” said Tony Orr, who coached Joshua for two years with the Redskins. “He was a very good running back. If he had kept working at it, he’d have had quite a future. It’s so sad, being here today for this.”

Charlotte Observer


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