Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | March 6, 2008

Fist Fighting At Polls In Texas

Change We Can Believe In

So today, I decided to take off of work because I have been working myself like a Hebrew Slave. This afternoon as I got into my car, I turned the radio on. Now, 99.9% of the time my radio station stays on the gospel music station but every now and then I will turn to the secular station’s to hear talk radio and this is what I found out today. People were fighting yesterday at the polls in Houston Texas. I have searched the Internet to see if there are any articles but as of yet, I have found none. The radio station was interviewing people who were at the polls. Parents had their children with them. They said that it was so chaotic and that there was no order when it came to the lines. Two women bumped into each other as they were about to cast there ballot and immediately started fighting, tearing and throwing each others weaves out. It took 13 people to restrain both of them. At this time, there were about 600 people waiting at this particular poll site to vote. Parents had to scoop their children up and started to flee for their own safety.

Lord have mercy, not only are people fighting at the polls, people are taunting each other at the workplace. The Democratic party is truly split down the middle. Half want Barak and the other half want Hillary. (I have chosen Barak for various reasons) but Lord, don’t fight me at work or when I get to the polls to vote. In all honesty, I have always thought from day one that Barak and Hillary were going to go on a combined ticket. One being the President and the other being the Vice President. The media is calling this the “Clinton/Obama Obama/Clinton Dream Ticket”. I love the idea and say lets do it! That would be killing two birds with one stone. You be the judge.

Now folks, stop fist fighting at WORK and at THE POLLS because Obama is not going to bail you out of jail nor give you a job when you loose it for fighting in the workplace. LORD HELP!


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