Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | March 8, 2008

It’s Still Holiness Or Hell!

 Read the Bible

This post is in response to the story below. I felt the need to repost this all over again. As an African American Male, I am ashamed of the state that the Black church is in. I was on the phone this morning with a good girlfriend of mine from Atlanta and she told me that a certain Bishop (E. Bernard Jordan) was in town last night in Atlanta. He boldly told the congregation that there was no hell and that we as Pentecostal’s have been deceived. He then went on to say that there was no Lucifer and that the only evil person was Adam because he was disobedient to God for eating the “fig tree! (I have no clue where he got that from but any way). He then proceeded to tell the congregants that he wanted them to pledge money so that God can bless them. Tens of thousands of dollars started to pour in from the pockets of these “seekers” looking for that financial miracle from God. He then told them that in order to be blessed they must purchase his books and cd’s. 

Saints, something is totally wrong here. As we read in the story below, the young 17 year old lived his life as a woman, was shot and killed and left to die in an ally. His mother opted to bury him as a man due to the fact that he was born a man and not a woman. The point that I am trying to make is, how many of us in our churches have ministries that would have been able to help this young man? Or are we (the leaders of the church) and we (the congregants of the church) all so caught up with financial miracles and blessings that we tend to leave the more “serious and offensive” sins unnoticed? What could I have done to prevent this mans untimely death. Could he have come to Refuge Temple dressed as a woman without someone wanting to “stone him alive” or would my church have been able to handle this person’s need. No sin is greater than the other no matter how you look at it. You can use words like “abomination, hate, loath etc etc” but it still all boils down to the same thing. SIN! For heavens sake, just over a week ago a young 12 year old boy was killed here in Charlotte because he was coming home from a birthday party. Everyone is so scared to tell who the murderer is, a Pastor has to put up a $15,000 reward just to make people talk! THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! Open up your mouth and tell who did this to this boy so his family can rest at night. I personally dont know who my fathers murderer is and that was over 19 years ago. Why? Because the people in the community are so afraid to stand up against the devil and his nasty tricks!

I blame the church for not coming to the rescue. I then blame the black community for staying uneducated about “alternative lifestyles”. Learn the World but do not be OF the World! Do we all need to start wearing the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelets again? This could have been your brother, shot, and dead, in his grave, on his way to a burning hell! Yet we have preachers that have the nerve to get up and say that “hell does not exist and neither does the devil” when it is so clear that hell truly does exist for all those who are not born again! 

How dare we just sit aside and not do anything, say anything. We are just as guilty as the world when it comes to hate crimes. Pastors preach hatred towards sissies, fags and dykes yet secretly leadership is dealing with it themselves.  The casket has been closed, the funeral is over and the boy is buried and this mother is left to grieve all by herself. We wink at the girl that gets pregnant out of wedlock and the “little drummer boy” who impregnate her, we plead the blood of Jesus against other Holy Ghost filled Baptized in Jesus Name Acts 2:38 toting Christians yet we have a whole world who needs to be saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I have 2 brothers in prision. I WILL REPEAT THAT AGAIN, I have 2 brothers in prison that I am praying that God saves. When God does save them, will your church accept them just as they are and teach them how to live Holy? Will my church teach them the ways of holiness? Or are we going to look at them as someone who is lower, lesser than us and run them out into the world. FOR GODS SAKES, WAKE UP BLACK COMMUNITY! Stop being so ignorant of the devils devices! The Lord Jesus owns cattle on 1,000 hills. Why are you still trying to get your financial breakthrough? Why are you shouting over mess? Why are you not ministering? Why are you not doing YOUR PART! Shame on YOU, YOU and YOU for not coming to this poor mans rescue! Quiet as it’s kept, each one of us has a homosexual, a drunkard, a thief and a lesbian in our family. When is the last time you witnessed to him? LAST EASTER???????????????? Say it isn’t so! Christ is soon to come and we need to all be about our fathers business. Let’s not let this happen again.  

Today, reach out to someone who does not look like you. Invite them to your local assembly and show them the ways of Holiness! Teach a dying nation that Christ is soon to come and that just as real as the Lord Jesus Christ is, so is the DEVIL, his DEMONS and HELL! Christ wishes that all should come into repentance and in the knowledge of Him. Do your part and Christ will do the rest!


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