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Church Spotlight: Full Gospel Holy Temple of Dallas TX

Full Gospel Holy Temple Church, Inc.
39727 LBJ Freeway
(I-20 @ Hampton Rd.)
Dallas, TX 75237
Dallas Area: 972-572-FGHT
Outside Dallas: 1-888-322-FGHT

I dont even know where to begin. My experience today at Full Gospel Holy Temple was 100% positive and I find no fault with them at all.  I am here on business in Dallas, TX for a while and I wanted to visit a church that was almost like my home church back in Columbia, SC. I needed a church that was going to give me straight church and preach a holiness or hell sermon as I too still need to be set free from the tricks of the enemy.

I started by day out early in the morning at 8:00am. 2 co-workers found out I was going to church today and they wanted to tag along. I advised them that I was going to a Pentecostal Holiness Church that played no games when it comes to souls and told them what to expect. They had no problem and said after our long 6 day work week they would love to come to church with me. I did not want to rent a car so we took a bus all the way from Irving TX (suburb of Dallas) to Full Gospel Holy Temple and was able to get the tail end of their Sunday School Service.

This church is warm and friendly and truly I do belive that God was in this place this morning. We met a lady on the bus with her 2 grandchildren. I knew there was soemthing different about her because she had on no make up and earrings. I knew that she had to have gone to Full Gospel Holy Temple. When I asked her she said “yes” she did go to the church. Then she began to witness to my co-workers and immediately we felt like this was the place we needed to be at.

Rev. Herman Murry preached one good ole fiery Pentecostal Sermon entitled “Divine Order” and basicaly taught a great Holiness or Hell sermon. Elder K. Brown (from my former church LFT) was in the house and he did his thang as well with Praise and Worship. Choir was excellent, music was off the chain, everyone was in complete standard and most of all JESUS was present!

Keep up the good work preaching Holiness to a nation that has gone wayward! When you are in the Dallas, TX area, this church is a must to attend.

P.S. I really wish yall were APOSTOLIC (smile).


  1. Praise God!!! I used to watch the services of your church on Daystar a few years ago. At the time I was’nt attending my church regularly. I was amazed and delighted to find the fire. Holy Ghost preaching come on around noon central standard time in my city. I had been looking for the program again because I never forgot the fire preaching that would reach the essence of my being! I cannot remember the preacher’s last name but I beleive his first name was “Calvin”. God bless your church and I beleive that one day I will be able to visit your church. Also, are you on television at all anymore? If not, you need to be. The kind of preaching that goes on at your church should not be kept under a bushel for just a few!
    With the love of Christ,
    Missionary Sharon R. Thomas



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