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Apostolic Church Spotlight Of The Week: The Potters House Dallas, TX

The Potters House

Bishop T.D. Jakes, Senior Pastor

6777 W Kiest Blvd
Dallas, TX 75236
(214) 331-0954

1 Day before my birthday while on business here in Dallas, TX my co-worker and I decided that this would be the Sunday that we would visit the Potters House where Bishop T.D. Jakes is the Senior Pastor. I must say that my experience at the Potters House was 100% positive and I highly recommend that any time you are in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area that you visit the Potters House for a mighty move of God.

My day started out at 4:30am. My co-worker and I had decided we were going to go to the 8:00am morning worship so that we could come back to our hotel and study for our test for this upcoming week in training. I had no clue if Bishop Jakes was going to be in town (and neither did I care as I am not star struck). Just to give you a back drop, my company is kinda cheap and so they pair male-male, female-female up in hotel rooms during training (in essence you will have a roommate). Well, my roommate had rented a car for the weekend. He was coming back to the hotel early this morning from the club (that’s his business, I just try to be a light in the midst of darkness). He noticed that I was getting dressed for church and asked me “Where are you going?” I told him church and that I was going to take a public bus. He then gave me the keys to his car and told me that I was more than welcome to take his car rental to church as he did not want me on the bus so early in the morning (ROOMMATE ARE YOU DRUNK because I don’t want to take the car and you wake up and think the car is gone lol). He said “Yes, I’m drunk but its ok, take the car anyway, I know how important church is for you, just please pray for me”. Well saints, I tucked my drunk roommate into bed and snatched those car keys and went DRIVING to the Potters House with another co-worker (thank ya Jesus!)

An African American trainer of mine was very biased about the Potters House and claimed that Bishop Jakes had preferred parking for those who paid more tithe and preferred seating for those who were stars. THIS IS NOT TRUE! When we got off of the exit we noticed that indeed the parking lot was already filling up and that indeed there were little trolleys that were taking people from the parking lot to the front entrance of the church. BIG DEAL!

I walked in speaking in tongues and crying as I could immediately feel the power of God all about this massive mega ministry. Praise and Worship was second to none! We cried and cried and spoke in tongues some more and guess what saints, I got to sit on the floor in row 17 YES LORD! By 9:00am the entire church was slammed packed out the doors. It was amazing!

Quiet as it is kept, The Potters House is Apostolic and Oneness in doctrine (however you will find them listed in the non-denominational section of your yellow pages) but don’t be fooled, we had APOSTOLIC CHURCH TODAY! Bishop Jakes was in the House! Ohhhh, and Ce Ce Winnans was there as well and sang her new song “Waging War” (LOVED IT! She is so beautiful in person and up close especially those pretty white teeth of hers). Today “The Bishops Choir” sang which seemingly was a 45+ choir and they killed. Get this, the churches welcome song is “This Is The Lords Church, And Jesus is Lord” Uhhh, you cant get any more Apostolic than that (oh yeah and they were baptising today in Jesus Name at the 11:30am service. If you don’t believe that they baptise in Jesus Name, just call 214-331-0954 ext 1495 and they will tell you. YES, I did do my research!

After itermittent dancing, running and foaming at the mouth the way us Pentecostals love to do, Bishop Jakes preached from Daniel 1:1-7 and entitled the sermon “I Know Who I Am!” and the man killed us with the story of the 3 Hebrew boys the 2008 version. No longer today are we just concerned about thieves with mask. The FBI says that the fastest growing crime is identity theft. 27.3 million people in America have had their identity stolen. Ahhh, but we have an enemy today that comes to kill, steal and destroy! The enemy wants to steal your name so that you dont know who you are anymore (hence the reason why the 3 Hebrew boys names were changes to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego which names were extremly demeaning to the Jewish nation). But I have a GOD that knows WHO I AM both past, present and future. No longer do I have to live by wordly principles and act like an individual that is not of God. I now must live according to my God given Name!

When I tell you, we danced right then in the middle of the sermon. Worship and Praise is second to none in this edifice and I know without a shadow of a doubt GOD is doing something great for the inhabitants of Dallas, TX by having T.D. Jakes Pastor people here. In closing (after a good nap from dancing and shouting and taking notes in church this morning) I give the Potters House of Dallas TX and all 20,000 members who showed me and my co-worker so much love a 2 thumbs up and I will be there again next Sunday to see what God has in store for His people.

Kudos To The Potters House from the Pope Of Pentecost!



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