Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | May 2, 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4 (This Game Should Be Banned)!

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Exodus 20:13 Says “Thou shalt not kill”. This is not only a spiritual rule/law that applies to just Christians, this is a moral law that was set forth by God himself that both Saints and Sinners are to follow and there are severe consequences for not following this law. In the world that we live in, society seemingly enjoys defying God’s rules and regulations and it appears as if it is getting worse and worse.

As I was laying in my bed here in Chicago, I began to watch the news and noticed that a new video game sequel has come out called Grand Theft Auto 4. For unknown reasons to man, I cannot understand why a video maker would come out with such a video game knowing that the day in age we live in people cannot distinguish between “fake” and “reality”! Here are some of the highlights of this video game that I find extremely appalling. Judge for yourself whether this is something that you would want your son, your husband, your boyfriend, your brother, or even your sister to partake in.

In Grand Theft Auto 4 you can practice drunk driving (In 2006, there were 13,470 fatalities in crashes involving an alcohol-impaireddriver (BAC of .08 or higher) – 32 percent of total traffic fatalities for the year.) You can also purchase a prostitute, have sex with her and then kill her in any fashion you would like (Average prostitution arrests include 70% females, 20% percent male prostitutes and 10% customers.(2) In the 1990’s some cities initiated client arrest programs which raised the percentage of client arrests. A disproportionate number of prostitutes arrested are women of color, and although a minority of prostitutes are women of color, a large majority of those sentenced to jail are women of color. 85-90% of those arrested work on the street though street work accounts for approximately 20% of prostitutes. (Figures vary from city to city.) Finally, people are litteraly mugging people all over the world for their very own copy of this game (In Leyland, Lancashire an 18-year-old man was mugged by two thieves who punched him to the ground and kicked him, shattering his nose and jaw before snatching the game and running away.)  Again I ask, judge for yourself if this is a game that you would want your child to be playing for hours at a time.

We are commissioned by our Lord in “Proverbs 22:6 Train up a childin the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Parents, community leaders (including former and new presidential leaders) are all commissioned to train our children. How can we expect to have a better society with games like this staying on the shelf! How can we expect for the world to be a better place when little boys are running home to ditch their homework to practice murder on our very television screens! This should not be and someone has to speak out about this.

I myself do not have any children at the moment however I do have younger siblings ranging from ages 27 all the way to age 9 and I am going to do my best as the older brother and leader of my family to instill in my siblings the ways of holiness. Grand Theft Auto is nothing but a game of filth and anyone who dares to buy this game needs to truly re-evaluate there conscience. I beg of you in Jesus Name to rise to the occasion by getting this video game banned! It only takes “ONE VOICE”!


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