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Apostolic Church Spotlight: Greater Grace Apostolic Temple Tulsa OK



Greater Grace Apostolic Temple Tulsa, OK

1010 East 56thStreet North
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74126
Phone: 918-428-1101

Dr. Donald O’neil Tyler , Pastor

Today I had the pleasure while being in Tulsa, OK to visit Greater Grace Apostolic Temple in Tulsa, OK. First of all, can anything good even come out of Tulsa? After the Carlton Pearson scandal and Oral Roberts University scandal, you would think that there was nothing left in Tulsa but a pile of ashes were “use to be churches” exist. Well my dear friend, this is not so here in Tulsa. With a percentage of 15.47% African American population in the entire city and of course the mass exodus of African Americans from Higher Dimensions Church (Carlton Pearson) I can say that Greater Grace Apostolic (Affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World) has what it takes to magnify and Praise the Lord.

As you already know, I am into standards. Greater Grace does not have the outward standards that I am use to for an Apostolic Church but I did not care (THIS TIME that is lol). This beautiful edifice looks very new. The welcome committee was extremely friendly and as always, I am representing the Church of Our Lord every where I go (as I put it down on the visitors card). The Praise Team was phenomenaland energetic. The music ministry at this church was good, actually very good (for Tulsa OK). I mean, I really did not know what to expect because Tulsa is not on the map like that when it comes to good Apostolic Churches to go to . Hopefully with my site, people will see that truly Greater Grace is a “Church in the heart of the city with the city in our hearts” as their website boast. When your in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and you need a good Apostolic Church to go to, I suggest you stop by Greater Grace. THEY WILL CHURCH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (trust me, I did a jake and a quake and a few tongues in service today). The Word was very good too!

Way to go Greater Grace Apostolic Temple Tulsa!


  1. Yes i do agree Greater Grace is in the heart of the city with the heart in heart. Love this church and people it is realness I don’t agree with everything that happens but I can asure you the word that goes forth is really really real heart touching and life changing. Glad I know and had the prev to attend looking forward to more attendance. Shout out to The first Family for keeping God first in this Great church Love you

  2. I am from Jesus Only Apostolic Healing Temple pensacola,Fl.Pastor W.A. Bright. I am planning to be in the Tulsa Oklahoma area in the very near future and cking out your website hope to be visiting you soon. God Bless you! In Christ-Sister Susa Tucker


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