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Apostolic Church Spotlight: Greater Christ Temple Nashville TN

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Greater Christ Temple

Diocesan, 1st Apostolic Council of Kentucky & Tennessee, 11th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.

2400 10th Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37204

I want to apologize to my readers for not posting this earlier. I just got to a computer in my travels and said to myself “OH MY FATHER, I must tell the world what church I went to this past Sunday June 15, 2008”. Greater Christ Temple is Nashville’s best kept secret when it comes to having crazy apostolic church. When I tell you, the Power of God was in the House… was truly in the HOUSE!

Not only will you get a church that keeps the standards of the Apostolic Faith, you are going to get CRAZY CHURCH and GREAT WORD! That Bishop Sherman Merritt killed us with the Word of God Sunday morning. I mean, words cant express how I truly enjoyed this service. Matter of fact, I left a good foot print on the back row of Greater Christ Temple. (I stomped so hard and spoke in tongues so much, I know even the Angels in heaven were jealous of the Praise that went forth in this Grand Temple.

When I walked in, I prayed to God and asked Him to literally “tear the roof off of this edifice” and you know what, doing His God Thang, He did exactly what I asked Him for. It was as if the throne of Grace was literally thrown into the middle of the church and shattered into 1,000 pieces for the children of God to just dance and shout all over (Thank you Lord for answered prayers cause I needed that type of Praise Break)

Bishop Merrit literally broke down how MEN are to be the head and that because of the role reversals within today’s society (men acting like women and women acting like men (which includes homosexuality) ) society has become completely OUT OF ORDER. In other words, ADAM….WHERE ARE YOU?????????? (Remember when God asked Adam in the Garden of Eden where he was…ha….Adam (silly goose) was hiding from the Almighty). MEN! Get back to being the HEAD and stop being the tail!!!!!!!!!!

Greater Christ Temple, you get TWO THUMBS UP and a piece of government cheese for the way you guys allow God to come on in and HAVE HIS WAY.

If you are ever in the Nashville, TN area……don’t go to Mt. Zion, don’t go to Cornerstone or Christ Church, GO STRAIGHT TO Greater Christ Temple where your soul will get fed the “uncooked” Word of God (and you can dance your silly self into an oblivion).

GO HEAD G.C.T. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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