Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | July 7, 2008


OH MY FATHER! What a weekend this 4th of July was! I have never seen so much death in one weekend. Last Thursday I went to the homegoing of Brother Christopher Simpson here at I.B.O.C. in Dallas, Texas. We truly had a time however I am so saddened by the way he had to die. I go to work on Thursday night and Friday flying the friendly skies. My mother calls me on Friday the 4th to tell me she was at a local cook out in Nashville, TN when the family gets a phone call that there 23 year old brother has been shot and killed! 23 years old saints killed in cold blood. The family then runs from the cookout to the hospital in hopes that this is not true all to find out that indeed their loved one is gone! I fly back to Dallas on Saturday morning and the minute I land I am flooded with text messages and phone calls concerning Pastor Timothy Wright and Mothers accident. At first, the saints believed that everyone was dead. I actually started to prepare to fly home to NYC just to be with the family. You know, growing up in NYC and the gospel scene all my life, I can clearly remember all the recording sessions and local church events I had attended as a youngster at Grace Tabernacle COGIC in Brooklyn NYC. Lord knows Danny Eason and Abundant Life use to stomp all over that little church in the middle of Crown Heights Brooklyn. I said to the Lord “What in the World is happening??????” The same weekend, I hear Monique Walker did her album release party at Institutional COGIC Intl. I am still waiting to hear how things went down at that function. I did not even attend morning worship. Instead, I slept in and woke up and went to evening worship at Full Gospel Holy Temple here in Dallas TX. They seem to be the only black church keeping the standards of Holiness here so I said to myself, why not go and swing from the chandeliers with them. Indeed we swung from every chandelier that existed in that church on this past Sunday night. I actually had to give God a Love Fellowship Tabernacle dance when the victory music came on. I danced for the life of Mother Wright and her Grandson D.J. Wright. I then told the Lord that I needed him to do a miracle for Pastor Timothy Wright. As I started to think about the whole family I danced even harder knowing that all of my Brooklyn Saints were somewhere out there doing the same things hundreds of miles away in NYC.

Its that time of year where all the “big time” Pentecostal organizations are about to go into Holy Convocation which include the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith. This year we will be in Atlanta GA! I am praying for a spiritual renewal. Word is we are going to have church on top of church this year once again during mid day services. Ohhhhh, and what is this I hear about a certain “Overseer” being a “Bishop Elect” and that he is going to be bringing his churches and being ordained a Bishop in the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I aint gonna say no names but “we aint come to play no games, we came to bless Him….heeeee cupppppp” ***dancing breaks out***** We shall see if this rumor is true or not huh.

On a seriouse note, saints lets be in prayer this week. Pray for all the senseless deaths that occured. Pray that these families stay strong in the Lord. Know one knows the day nor the hour when the death angel is going to come knocking at the door……we just have to be ready at all times. I have so much more to say but my time is up. Until next time remember “and because Jesus Christ is the Almighty God, we shall not be defeated”!


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