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Bynum Officially Divorces Hubby

By tmz
Monday, June 23, 2008

TV preacher Juanita Bynum is now officially divorced from…

TV preacher Juanita Bynum is now officially divorced from the man who beat her up last year.

Bynum and Thomas Weeks ended their nearly six-year marriage Friday, after a tense hearing in divorce court. The proceedings were stopped at one point when Bynum admitted the two had sex after their separation.

In their settlement, Weeks has been ordered to immediately return several household items — including artwork and silverware — to Bynum, and she’s agreed to pay $40k of Weeks’ attorney fees. He also gets to keep his 2004 Land Rover. Neither side gets alimony. 

Bynum filed for divorce last September, just one month after Weeks smacked her down in an Atlanta hotel parking lot. Weeks pled guilty to assault and is serving three years’ probation.


The two were married in an over the top ceremony in 2002, and have toured the country lecturing on love and relationships. Bynum is the leader of a huge ministry and has sold thousands of motivational books and tapes. Bishop Weeks, co-wrote “Teach Me How to Love: The Beginnings” with Bynum.


I tell you one thing Saints, I aint choosing sides on this one. Just remember, there are 2 sides to every story *sigh* Lets move on……………….


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