Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | July 21, 2008

First Lady (yeah I said it) Monique Walker NEW SINGLE “CRAZY PRAISE”

You are still my My First Lady and The First Lady of Love Fellowship Tabernacle ya hear! Sing to his glory! I dont care what happened, you cannot take this away from me! All those years at Love Fellowship sitting under you and Pastor Walker. Lord, I remember when you were prego with KyAsia. I remember when you got married to Walker. Now look at you! AMAZING! All those years at Tuesday night prayer has paid off! To God Be the Glory!


  1. im look for your song god of a second chance what is the name of the cd which that song is on also do u have any other cd hope ur doing well also how is ur grandmother my mother and her were friend my mother name is mother jordan


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