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10 Best Cities For African Americans

Many of you that I personally know ask me “How in the world do you just pick up and move to a city almost every other year?” Well, the answer is I guess just not being satisfied. Sure people would say that I am unstable, but you know what, I love doing what I do. Trying new cities out and seeing whats the perfect match for me. I wanted to post this article by to let you know how I’ve chosen most of my cities that I live in. I have been in and conducted business in every city that you will see mentioned but out of 10 I’ve thus far lived in 4 cities: Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Dallas.

For most, living the good life includes high-paying jobs, affordable homes, a vibrant social life, and short commutes. How can you achieve such a first-rate lifestyle? Well, we identified 10 locales that promise a trove of business, professional, and personal opportunities: BLACK ENTERPRISE’s Top 10 Cities for African Americans.

Our 2007 ranking offers some major changes and repositioning in comparison to our 2001 and 2004 lists. Five cities found on both lists remain: Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas; Houston; and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Nashville, Tennessee, and Columbus, Ohio, represent returnees from our 2004 roster. Three cities failed to make the cut this time around: Birmingham, Alabama, which received a low response from its residents, and Baltimore and Memphis, Tennessee, which were knocked out of contention because of residents’ great dissatisfaction with several key living standards. Our newcomers to the list are Indianapolis; Jacksonville, Florida; and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Top City

% Black

Cost of

Values ($)

Income ($)


Jacksonville, FL 22.5 97.7 162,000 32,246 730.9
Columbus, OH 14.1 100.1 155,600 32,347 444.4
Indianapolis, IN 14.6 97.6 136,500 29,877 533.3
Charlotte, NC 23.4 92.7 150,900 30,781 763.3
Dallas, TX 14.2 91.8 133,900 34,388 554.9
Nashville, TN 15.3 90.9 148,500 27,153 872.4
Houston, TX 16.8 90.0 123,400 31,809 723.6
Raleigh-Durham, NC 21.3 94.8 166,500 34,301 424.6
Atlanta, GA 30.8 95.6 177,200 39,516 521.9
Washington, D.C. Metro 26.6 138.8 404,900 53,686 446.5
B.E. Cities Average 20.0 99.0 175,940 34,610
National Average 100.0 167,500 30,939 456.0

In assessing the locations, we actually looked at metropolitan areas-the core cities and surrounding suburbs as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau. This year’s survey showed respondents were satisfied overall with earnings potential, entrepreneurial opportunities, jobs, cost of living, affordable housing, higher education, access to technology, and medical care. In general, respondents were discontent with the quality of public schools, availability of daycare facilities, race relations, crime rates, and black political clout.

Our analysis did not stop there. Using a series of statistical data, the list was then narrowed to 13 metro areas. Heavier weighting was applied to seven of the 22 factors-“super factors”-that pertain specifically to African Americans:

  • Black median household income compared with overall median household income
  • Percent of black households earning greater than $100,000 divided by the percent of all households earning greater than $100,000 per year
  • Black unemployment
  • Number of black-owned businesses per 1,000 black residents
  • Percentage of black home loan rejections
  • Percentage of black college graduates
  • Black homeownership rate

By combining survey response scores with the quality of life scores, we arrived at a final ranking of the top 10 cities for African Americans.




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