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Tonight I Went To The PAW Convention In Dallas, TX!

Here it is I just got off the plane from the Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Holy Convocation in Atlanta GA all to return home to Dallas Texas and go to the PAW convention. This will make the 3rd convention I have attended this summer and I am pooped ya hear me. I’ll give you some highlights of tonight’s service.

As I drove down the highway I had already done some research that parking would be $7 dollars so I decided to park in a neighboring hotel’s parking lot and walk across the street to the Hilton Anatole Hotel. Very very nice hotel I might add. I could see the saints in their convention attire all walking towards the main ballroom that service would be held at.

What I did not like was that the ballroom is literally a rectangle. They had the stage going the Long way andattempted to wrap the chairs around the stage which made it very awkward if you sat too far on the left or right side of the ballroom. Basically you would be looking at a screen all service. I attempted to sit in the back facing directly in front of the podium but some sister opted to block off 3 chairs so that no one could sit there. I was upset to say the least (saints, stop saving seats in church….the visitors are forced to sit in
“no mans land” when you save seats).

I did not let that kill my joy. Instead, I found an aisle seat that was good enough for me to glace both at the stage as well as the screen. They had way too many rows blocked off for TD Jakes Church (as if all 25,000 members were going to come tonight…..they probably don’t even know what PAW is……..probably thinking to themselves its some cat or dog convention).

Worship was second to none. I really enjoyed Praise and Worship and I did quicken every so often (however unlike the Church Of Our Lord, PAW saints do not quicken as much nor were there any prayer veils or that many hats…I guess…..I then started to miss home).

The Potters House Mass Choir sang us into a Sunday morning frenzy with full Sunday Morning band accompanying them. I was very happy to see that the church travels with their pastor when they can. And now, its time for Bishop Jakes (whom I am still angry at about that whole earring thing) to mount the podium.

Lord you could have fooled me but that man sure can preach. He preached on how we all come to these National Conventions yet when we get back home we have to deal with Regional Demons! Demons that are assigned to specific territories to terrorize that particular part of the world. For instance, he talked about Simon the Sorcerer and how he had the whole town on lock down with his demonic magic. He proceeded to talk about Legion, the “many” demons that possessed the man that was cutting himself and screaming and crying day and night in the tombs and how when Jesus came to caste the demons out, they begged Him to allow them to stay in the region (instead the demons were sent into the herd of swine, the swine go crazy and kill themselves by jumping over the cliff and drowning). As Jakes always does, he began to give statistics on STD’s in communities, how prisons are a billion dollar industry with the hopes of the investors incarcerating as many of “us” as possible. He talked about the divorce rates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd marriages and how the rate gets higher and higher after each marriage….yet we and our denominations are doing nothing to solve these problems in our community. The antidote was to snatch people out of the fires of drug addiction, teenage pregnancies, alternative lifestyles and bring them all to Christ. Don’t even ask them if they want to come, just snatch a soul and show them a more excellent way as we don’t have enough time to do things like the way we use to back in the olden church days.

A massive Praise break happened and everyone hit the floor and had church dancing and running the aisles. I clapped, spoke in unknown tongues and did a little 3 step shuffle with my feet. All in all, I enjoyed having church with the PAW and the 6,000+ souls that were in service tonight.


  1. Where is this paw apostolic church in Dallas TX I just moved up here from California. Looking for a good teaching, mixed racial crowd like my fathers church in California. Thx


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