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Pastoral Insurance: A Must For All Clergy!

Each Sunday you stand in the $50 dollar offering line. You give your tithe on top of that. Money upon money is collected in Black Churches nationwide yet when tragedy hits it appears as if the church is in a bankrupt state. Now, I neither agree nor disagree with the $50 offering lines that a lot of black churches practice however,  where is the money going? How about this one. We see the pastor is living in a wonderful house. Drives a very nice car, has new clothing for him and the first lady each week yet when major calamities occur, there is no money to cover expenses. Clergymen, God does not want you to keep running revivals and collecting all this money and have no insurance. You need a good Life, Auto, Home and Business insurance that will keep you afloat in the times of trouble.  Read the below quote to find out how serious of an issue not having adequate medical insurance (or any insurance for that matter) will put you.

Grammy Award-nominated pastor was moved to the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West Orange on Thursday, but his veterans insurance doesn’t cover the $4,033-a-day treatment he needs. His family, joined by the Rev. Al Sharpton, are asking for donations to continue Wright’s rehabilitation.

Pastors, the $50 offering lines are not enough. You need to invest that money wisely when you receive money from your parishioners and preaching engagements. I’ve done some quick research on the Internet and the links below should be of help to all clergy who do not have adequate insurance.

Church Insurance
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Unlike insurance companies that mass market their products, GuideOne Insurance specializes in meeting the unique needs of churches, churchgoers, private schools and colleges, and not-for-profit senior living communities.

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Now Pastors, there are so many different insurance companies out there, I could not list them all and by no means am I an insurance agent. Its not enough to “Dance Dance Dance all night” and “Speak In Tongues” all the time. Before its too late while you still have your eyes to see with and your hands to write with, how about taking some classes on the business aspect of the church. Learn all you can. I don’t want to see another article on “Pastor So and So cannot pay his hospital bills”. Or “Pastor So and So died and left the church with no money to move on after his death”. Its too much money being passed through the hands of a clerics lifetime for you not to have adequate insurance for your church and your family (and the staff members of your church).

Now granted, many major denominations worldwide do have policies out for their clergyman. This article was really not ment for them as the physical churches are governed by the higher authorities of the denomination. However, there are many independant churches out there with no one to turn to but themselves. RESEARCH, STUDY, TAKE SOME CLASSES and get some adequate insurance.

This is what you call being HEAVENLY MINDED while being of EARTHLY GOOD USE!


  1. We have a group of Approximate 120 Pastor ages 20-85 and with interest of $50,000 worth coverage


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