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Greater Refuge Temple and Love Fellowship Tabernacle Joint Service (update)

And now what you’ve all been waiting for. The report on how Friday August 29, 2008 was historic in that Greater Refuge Temple and Love Fellowship Tabernacle had a joint service together with Bishop W.L. Bonner preaching the Word of God. So, you want to know what happened right? Who was there? What choir sang? Did yall dance? Was there an outbreak of Praise and Worship? Well, I didn’t get on that 3 hour flight from Dallas Texas to New York City for nothing (and you know I had to put a good dance on that hardwood floor).

For starters, I arrived in NYC about 10:45AM and went rushing to a famous Brooklyn Barber so that I could be on my “A” game while there in NYC (and when I come back home to Dallas since these jokers down here cant cut hair like New Yorkers can). I had lunch with my best friend in Brooklyn and boy did him and I have a high time just a laughing and talking about old times. Boy was it good to be back home. I then went rushing back on the train to meet another friend of mine at his house in Harlem. I walked in at 6:30 and proceeded to get dressed for church. We took the “A” train out to Love Fellowship which is in the East New York section of Brooklyn. Lord was that a long train ride. But who cares. We both knew that we had to be “in the house” that night to witness history.

When we walked in, Mother Dorthy Anderson and what seemed like the entire Senior Missionary Board of GRT was up conducting devotions. They were in All white from head to toe. I could not believe how many missionaries came out to Brooklyn (all on the church bus) to support their pastor. I also was surprised that LFT actually allowed us to conduct service. I was kinda expecting LFT’s praise team to be up, but instead, we took it old school COOLJC style.

After devotions, Bishop Wright of GRT got up to present Bishop Walker with what I think was credentials for being elevated to the Bishopric. Then again, it could have been a plaque or something. All I know is that he was reading allot and I was so ready for that portion of service to be done. However, church protocol says to stand up and clap for the person being honored so I did and that was that. Then Greater Refuge Temple’s 65 Voice mass choir (which was draped in all black and gold prayer veils…looking ever so sanctified) got up to sing 2 numbers. The last song “Praise Him” is what caused the first dance to break out. I did a few charismatic leaps for joy and then I sat my happy tail down because I did not want to ruin my good church clothes, however that Sister F.H. (yall know who that is) danced herself into one good frenzy during that song. Oh yeah, Sister A.B.’s daughter sang Order My Steps. That went over well too. (sing daughter).

And now its time for Bishop Bonner to get up and address the saints. He collected the offering and the deacons of LFT served us. Afterwards, one more song was sung by the Mass Choir and then the preached Word of God came forth. Bishop W.L. Bonner preached on the Immutable God “HOW DO YOU SEE GOD”! As always, he came with a Word that met the peoples need (granted I thought it was going to be a Deuteronomy 28 Blessing Plan Word, but I was wrong this time lol lol…….don’t laugh, yall know our Bishop loves him some Deuteronomy 28..AND ALL THESE BLESSINGS SHALL COME OVER THEE). Bishop actually flowed in the “Word of Knowledge” gift this night. He told a sister to stand up and he spoke some great things over her life (she went slam in and I thought for sure that was when we all were going to break forth in praise…but not yet).

After the preached Word of God, Bonner tuned up a little bit (and this time LFT musicians were on the instruments). I knew “Brooklyn Church” was near….but not yet. You know it aint “Brooklyn Church” until Walker grabs the mike and takes everyone slamm in. Well, the good news is that Walker was so elated, so happy, so in awe of the Word of God he told Bishop Bonner that he could take that very sermon and preach 10 messages out of it and that he was going home to work on his theology (speaking of which. Bishop Bonner did invite everyone to enroll in the W.L. Bonner Bible College which is fully APOSTOLIC and ACCREDITED). Walker attempted to collect an offering for Bonner but Bonner gave the offering back and told LFT to build their new edifice with it. Oh boy, why did he say that, Brooklyn Church starting to creep in at that moment. Walker then digressed and said how he told his congregation that when Bonner comes, if he waves at you or smiles your way or shakes your hand to just “fall out” LOL. Apparently some people did. LOL.

Bishop Walker then started to say how he did not know whether to dismiss, to shout, to dance, to cry, to run but that he was so overwhelmed with the Word. By then, the Hammond B-3 organ was screaming to the top of its Leslie speakers and everyone was like “GO HEAD”! Walker was like “Nah yall, I aint dancing, YOU DANCE FIRST then I WILL FOLLOW” So then everyone started to tease each other to see who was going to jump up and dance first and BAM! 3 brothers on the front row jumped up and hit the floor so hard it made all of Liberty Ave wake up. The dance started. Right in the middle, Walker cut the music and said “Now wait, everyone needs to be up dancing, this is Brooklyn Church. Greater Refuge, LFT, yall all get up and dance right now for the victory” That was when we started to swing like chimpanzees from the chandeliers. Everyone and their momma was running, leaping and dancing and speaking in tongues. We danced so hard corporately that I thought I was going to go into a coma! YA HEAR! That dance music was second to none. They hit us with every beat and  “ma shunda” chord that you had no choice but to dance until YOUR HEELS BLEED! YES, thats how much church we had. It was  “cocoo for coco puffs church”. The missionaries hats and prayer veils were flying off, peoples shoes were left all in the aisles as the shoe wearer went running around the church. MY GAWD FROM ZION did we church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the while Walker was screaming in the mike “This is an Aposotlic Praise! This is a Pentecostal Praise! This is an Apostolic Praise!” So true indeed, its no secret LFT is Apostolic.

Afterwards, Love Fellowship proved to us that they indeed have changed their doctrine by no longer repeating the “sinners prayer” during altar call but now they have a song out (I guess its called the “Acts 2:38 Repentance Song”) and commissioned souls to repent, be baptised in Jesus Name and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a beautiful song, one which I think all of our churches should learn.

Well, there you have it in a nut shell. We had church till times got better and LFT and GRT is looking forward the next time we all meet again under the same roof. I hope you enjoyed this review in Jesus Name.



  1. LOL, I know I’m over a year late, but this was great reading! I’m impressed with the honor and respect that people give Bp. Bonner, and I love to hear about church in New York. I’m from South Carolina, and haven’t been to the city since I was about 3, but many of my family are from New York, and my mother got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost at GRT, so it’s become a part of my background. I’ve heard about “Brooklyn Church” from oh so many people, and everybody must know Sis. F.H., lol!! One day, I’m gonna go experience for myself — Citadel, of LFT, or somewhere. Until, though, this article hit the spot! Keep it coming!


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