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Pentecostal Perspective: What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Ask yourself this question. For real, now I want you to think real hard about the answer your are going to give. When you die, when you cease to exist, when you’ve taken your last breath here on earth, What legacy will you leave behind? Will it be a legacy of some great singer? Or perhaps even an artist of some sort that painted pictures and sold them to expensive art galleries in New York City or even Paris, France. Will people say that you were a good friend, lover, companion. Will people remember you for all the good things you’ve done, your selfless ways, your undying love and compassion to see others succeed. Or will the legacy that you leave be one of a bitter person. One who gossiped, spread lies and sowed malicious seeds of discord through your neighborhood, job, or worse THE CHURCH!

You see, the lifestyle that you live today is going to determine the legacy that you leave behind once your long gone.  Quick story. I had a great grandmother who was a staunch Seventh Day Adventist. She would visit the sick, she cooked and cleaned, she gave bible studies and even when you needed money if she had it she would give you her last. But it was all WORKS! You see, when grandma died, to this day we question whether or not she made it in. You ask yourself “why”? She seemed like a good person to me. Surely she made it into heaven (and not in body form but in Spirit form cause you DO know that when you die, your body goes to the ground, returns to dust and your SOUL goes either to GOD which is in heaven or to a place where you are out of the presence of God…..a form of hell were you are tormented until the resurrection of the just and the unjust). But never mind all of that. Grandma was a mean women behind closed doors. She had a lot of secrets. She gossiped, she at times could be crude and just plain on MEAN! But the church did not know this. Only the family did.

The life that you live today is going to determine a couple of things. One, its going to determine how people remember you. Where you a good Christian behind closed doors? Did you witness to people about the soon coming King? Were you the type of person that enjoyed reading Gods Word to the point where your love for Him influenced others to get a more deeper knowledge of Christ? Two, the life that you live is going to determine if you go to heaven or hell. Both of which are very real places. You will spend eternity conscience somewhere (and for my catholic readers, it wont be LIMBO or PURGATORY…..those places dont exist and that doctrine is non scriptural).

I want you to understand something dear reader. God wants you to be a leader and not a follower. He has called YOU to be the head and not the tail. FIRST and not LAST. The lender and not the borrower. That is the type of legacy you should be striving for. Every breath you take, every decision you make, it all is to be to the Glory of God (who’s name is Lord Jesus Christ). Think about people like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Your Pastor. All people who were (or are) great leaders within society. These were people that you could look back over there life and pattern yourself after when it came to great leadership positions within society. Now, lets look at JESUS the GOOD SHEEPHEARD. Oh what a leader he was and oh what a legacy he left behind for us all to follow. Matter of fact, he said “greater works will ye do”. Now thats hot. To have litterally lived on earth, was the perfect example, died and rose again, then on top of the He left Himself here in the form of His spirit which is a free gift to all. Talk about a legacy. Talk about a leader. Talk about a perfect example to follow. Jesus was the type of person that held the keys to success, decided to make duplicates of it, and told us all to pick up our cross and follow Him. Then He commanded us all to duplicate those same keys that he had (in the form of disciples) and to preach and teach repentance, remission of sins, and baptism in His name so that we too could leave a legacy that would not only guarentee us a seat in heaven, but also guarentee us a special place in the memory of peoples heart once we left this earth.

Today my friend, make up in your mind that you want to leave a legacy that is pure and holy. A legacy that is without spot or wrinkle. A legacy that other people will patter themselves after once your gone. And it should all be to glorify your Father (The Lord Jesus Christ, who was 100% human and 100% God) who is in heaven. No matter how young or old you are, its never too late to start working on YOUR LEGACY!

I’m praying for you…… blessed in Jesus Name!


  1. Being tried in the fire is normal, so do even this with a glad heart. Fire burns off the trash but brings about new growth.


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