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Bishop Weeks and The Holy Hook Up (Reality Show)????????? Oh Come On Now!

Now I know yall have heard about this right? This is just pure foolishness. When are we going to stop making a mockery of the House Of God….I don’t get it…..I just DON’T GET IT… Below is the article taken directly from his website……Lord Help!

Have you ever had a friend who constantly wants you to “hook” him or her up with someone slightly…okay completely out of their range? Much like how Will Smith’s character helped countless, hopeless men wanting that one shot with the woman of their dreams in the film ‘Hitch’…The women they saw on a regular basis, in yoga class, at the grocery store or even living in the same apartment building. However those women never noticed the men who held them in such high regard.

“What the Holy Hook Up aims to do is make the impossible, very much possible. With the help of our resident matchmaker Bishop Thomas Weeks III’, four individuals will have a shot at the man or woman of their dreams.”

Bishop Thomas Weeks III is a world-renowned author, pastor and teacher. We’ve all heard about his lavished wedding to Juanita Bynum.We’ve all also seen the reports and heard the church house gossip on the break up of that marriage.Bishop Thomas Weeks III wants to go beyond the silence and open the doors to a truthful search for the Next Mrs. Weeks.

Four couples will be invited by Bishop Thomas Weeks to Atlanta for a three month stay. All couples will reside together. Women in one quarters and men in another. Bishop Weeks will submit these couples to a series of marital counseling, planning and preparations to find out if they are truly meant to marry each other or inform them if they should walk away from the potential union. As Bishop Weeks counsels the four couples, he himself will start his search for the Next Mrs. Weeks. Each week, Bishop Weeks will meet his new date and assess whether she has the potential to become a finalist for becoming the Next Mrs. Weeks. This search will not be easy. Bishop Weeks is looking for someone who will share his vision of ministry and entrepreneurial spirit. Every week there will be a secret challenge set up by Bishop Weeks for the dater to pass. These challenges can range from the very basic to the outrageous. At the end of the series there will be a wedding. The union can be that of Bishop Weeks or that of his understudies. This series will be filled with surprise guest appearances as well as a special guest appearance for the live finale.

The goal is to tear down the walls around churches all over the world. We want to take the masks off and reveal the truth about dating and marrying under Godly principles. We will confront sexual temptation, trust and the truth behind failed relationships.

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