Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | November 2, 2008

Bishop Wilbert S. McKinley of New York City has passed away. Pastor of The Elim International Fellowship. Funeral Times Posted Below.


The Elim International Fellowship was established by Bishop Wilbert S. McKinley on July 26, 1964, at 9 Chauncey Street, its first location. Bishop McKinley has survived some tremendous odds and difficulties to become Bishop and the Senior Pastor of this great church.

Bishop McKinley is one of the most outstanding clergymen of his day; his preaching and teaching are unique, scholarly, relevant to every day issues and highly anointed. He is called “Prince Cush” because God has sovereignly chosen him to carry the message of hope, deliverance, prosperity and nationhood to the Cushite race.

Bishop’s faith, vision and energy has moved this fellowship from a small storefront to a large, vibrant complex with a magnificent cathedral.


  1. Many years ago I was in bible school in Scotland and had the privilege to here bishop McKinley preach. I would very much like to buy some of bishop McKinley’s preaching DVDs or CDs
    Would it be possible to find out were I can get the above items from

    Kind regards
    Kevin Edwards

  2. I am a former member of the Elim International Fellowship Church for about seven years and I know that they at the time had a tape ministry called ” Word for the world” The best way to purchase these items is to just call up the church and inquire about possibly having some materials mailed out to you. Hope all goes well.

    Here is the contact info: Elim International Fellowship
    32 Madison St, Brooklyn, NY 11238 (718) 783-3000

  3. I was able to make contact with the church this week and have obtained a list of available DVDs and CDs. Call the Church at 718-783-3000 xt. 117. Ask for or leave a message for Rev. Gill. That is who helped me.


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