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Pope Of Pentecost Thoughts On Our New President Elect!

Turning 30 this year had not been that memorable to me until the night of November 4th. As an African American man, I always dreamed of seeing an African American president. I had no clue it would be on the very year that I turned 30. Oh how memorable this year will always be to me.

Growing up sitting on my grandmothers lap, she would ask me “What do you what to be when you grow up” Who knows what I told her. Sometimes I told her a doctor, a singer, a lawyer, I don’t know. I knew personally I wanted to be someone famous. She then would tell me that even though she might be dead and gone (her favorite saying for some reason… know old school people are always looking forward to death) she would tell me that I could be the president of the United States one day. I bet you that’s what Barack Obama’s grandmother probably told him. And even though she herself is now dead and gone, her dream for her grandchild has come true. To God be the glory.

Now listen, I believe 100% this was not a race about religious views. Do I believe in abortion. NO! Do I believe in gay marriages. NO! However, that was not my determining factor on if I should vote for McCain or Obama. My determining factor was that I personally wanted to see change come to the United States of America. I was so tired of being looked at and limited because of my skin color. So tired of an economy that is so low until the point you almost wish you lived in a third world country. I wanted CHANGE and thats why I voted for Barack Obama. Did race play a large part in my decision. YES, yes it did, but his views on most things lined up more closely with my beliefs for this country than did McCains views. Barack is new, fresh, young and gifted. Just 16 years older than me. I am so happy that his has been elected president of the United States.

Now for all the sore loser’s out there like my boss who threatened to write anyone up who discuses politics in the work place, you need to get over it. There were only 2 possible choices and I am sorry that your candidate did not win, however you must move on and stop treating people with hatred because McCain lost. Its not right, its not fair and its not very American of you. I’ll say it again like I said on another message board, Canada and Mexico are always looking for new citizens. If you don’t like it, please feel free to move OUT the country (like I probably would have if Obama did not win). I am here to stay, Obama is here to stay and there is nothing you can do about that. We the democrats pulverized your candidate McCain and we won fair and square. You paint balled our homes, you took down our Obama signs, you even threatened to kill Obama and other African Americans. History has been made and I am so glad that I along with my grandmother (and mother and siblings) can see this prior to the rapture of the Church.

WIth that said, I dont expect an overnight miracle. I do however expect that things economy wise will get better as the weeks turn into months which ultimately will turn into 4 or perhaps 8 great years of United States history.


The Pope Of Pentecost!


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