Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | November 11, 2008

P.O.P. Music Review: Sould Out – Hezekiah Walker & LFC

Souled Out Choir music is finally back with a few twist. I absolutely love this CD and it is so worth purchasing in my view. Souled Out which is the first song off the album is most def a traditional Hezzie song. Next comes Keep On Moving. If you listen to the words of this song, you will find yourself worshipping with Estee Bullock. My only comment with the soloist (which went to La Guardia High School of the Performing Arts with me back in the 90’s) is that he does not show any vocal growth. He should have killed this song but instead, he choice to sing it with a “blah” emotion/feeling. Hezekiah has never been known to groom any “real”soloist which is kinda sad now that Timminey, Kirvey and Monique no longer are singing with the choir. All Of My Help (cut number 3) is your uptempo song that is sure to get those feet stomping. Ohhhh yes, and O Give Thanks by Craig Hayes, I am so glad they brought that song back. They kill it (however I wish they would have threw a little twist to it, you know, for the sake of being in 2008 and all). The new Praise and Worship song that is written by Justin Clayborn #9 Your All I Need is hotttttttttttttttttttt like fire. I cant get that song out of my head especially when Walker says “This is a war cry” and the choir is singing there Ohhh’s. Most def a new thing for Hezzie fans. Go run and teach your Praise and Worship teams AND Choirs this one. Finally Triumph song number 12 gets a D-. How dare you throw a studio dance song on here with a soloist that resembles Dorinda Clark litterally and no NYC Ma Shun Da dancing at the end. Its horrible. Its almost like they play with the shouting music the whole song AND its studio…..I am so not pleased. Then again, I rather this song then some R&B Hip Hop Gospel song as the last cut, so I better stop complaining. WE WANT ANOTHER SHOUTING GO LUCKY SONG HEZ!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and the Thank You section is so generic. Uh, why did you not thank Bishop Bonner in your thank you’s? I am upset about that. All in all, Sould Out gets an A-, and now, I must run to the store and get Kurt Carr new double CD.


P.S. Don’t get it twisted, Bishop Hezekiah Walker is 100% Apostolic-Oneness! Dont believe me, check out his “What We Believe” page on the new website.


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