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Gift Certificates For Abortions???????

Did I just hear that right? Did I just read that right? Did I just SEE that right? YES Saints, its true. There are planned parenting clinics offering abortion(and birth control pills) gift certificates this holiday season. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, now we are giving “stocking stuffers” during the Christmas season full of death and shame. I am so saddened that this world has stooped so low as to make sure someone rids themselves of a pregnancy. COME LORD JESUS *sigh* Now, as a conservative Apostolic I don’t agree with abortion however I do believe people are going to do what they want to do regardless of whether you make abortion illegal or continue to keep it legal and ultimately my religious views (no matter how great that would be) cannot be made into “man made” law. Instead, I leave it up to God and the individual as WE ALL have to answer to the Lord Jesus Christ on judgement day. I have compassion for those who feel they have no other choice but to abort a baby. Words to the wise, DON’T DO IT! Below you’ll find the article that was written in the newspaper concerning abortion gift certificates. Would love to see what everyone out there in cyberland thinks of this. As a friendly reminder, THY SHALL NOT KILL!

By Francesca Jarosz

For the folks at Planned Parenthood, it is a creative way to help ensure that women receive important health services at a time when money is tight. For members of Right to Life, it is a wildly inappropriate idea that is an affront to their Christian beliefs.

Gift certificates may be a last-minute — even boring — holiday staple, but the new certificates on sale at Planned Parenthood clinics in Indiana are no typical stocking stuffers.

The certificates, which can be used for exams and screenings as well as abortions, were the brainchild of organization leaders who realized the demand for practical gifts during trying economic times and decided to capitalize on the most practical need of all: basic health care.

“Because of the economy the way it is, so many are putting their own health care at the bottom of the list of priorities,” said Kate Shepherd, a Planned Parenthood of Indiana spokeswoman. “This is a way for friends and family to say, ‘Why don’t you put yourself first?’ ”

Planned Parenthood so far has sold about a dozen certificates, which can be purchased in $25 increments at the group’s 35 clinics statewide, or online at An affiliate group in Michigan has offered the gifts, and Shepherd said publicity about the Indiana certificates has spurred interest in the concept in other states.

The idea hasn’t been so well-received among groups such as Right to Life of Indianapolis, which has about 5,000 active members. President Marc Tuttle said the gift certificates enable family members or significant others to put additional pressure on pregnant women, who already may face demands to get abortions.

The certificates’ holiday launch suggests they’re intended as an attack on those Christians who oppose abortion, Tuttle said.

“It’s offensive that they would be highlighting Christmas to push their services,” Tuttle said. “Christmas is a time when Christians are celebrating the birth of a savior to Mary, an unwed mother.”

Shepherd said Planned Parenthood leaders expect the majority of the certificates will be used for services other than abortions and intend to make them available year-round.

The organization offers services such as pelvic exams, breast cancer screenings, walk-in pregnancy testing and birth control. About 95 percent of the agency’s services are unrelated to abortion, Shepherd said.

“This program has nothing to do with abortion,” Shepherd said of the gift certificates. “This is about basic reproductive health care.”

John Althardt, a spokesman for the Marion County Health Department, said the need for low-cost, basic health care has increased at the three district offices because of the economy.

Planned Parenthood’s certificates help meet that need, said David Sklar, a governmental affairs associate with the Jewish Community Relations Council in Indianapolis.

“We fully understand the efforts to get basic preventative services in front of low-income citizens of the state,” Sklar said. “The gift of health care is a pretty good gift.”

Deshaundra Glaspie said it’s a gift she would like to receive. “That would be helpful, definitely,” said the Southside mom.

Her two children — ages 9 and 1 — are covered by Medicaid, but Glaspie has no health insurance because it would cost the 23-year-old barista about half of each paycheck.

Dan Gangler, communication director for the Indiana conference of the United Methodist Church, said he supports the certificates to help needs such as Glaspie’s, but because they can be used for abortions, he called them “in poor taste.”

“The certificate could go for exams, for birth control, but it’s crossing a line,” Gangler said. “It’s politicizing a gift card. I don’t think that’s in good spirit.”


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