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The Month of February in Pentecostal History!

2 Feb 1906—William J. Seymour arrived in Los Angeles, California.

24 Feb 1906—William J. Seymour preached the Pentecostal message in Los Angeles, California.

February 1908—G.T. Haywood was filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost in a converted tin shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. The work was overseen by Elder Henry Prentice, who came to Indianapolis from the Azusa Mission.

7 February 1914—Frederick E. Kinzie, Pentecostal author and Toledo, Ohio pastor, was born in Bremen, Indiana.

17-27 February 1925—Pentecostal Ministerial Alliance formed in Jackson, Tennessee. Howard A. Goss is elected temporary chairman, before Lemuel C. Hall was named chairman.

4-12 February 1927—Southern Bible Conference held in Merrville, Louisiana under auspices of the Emmanuel’s Church in Jesus Christ. A committee was appointed to begin producing the first Oneness Sunday School literature.

February 1954—The Pentecostal Herald, the official organ of the United Pentecostal Church, increased in size from 16 pages to 24.

15 February 1964–Ila Ashcraft, second president of the Ladies Auxiliary of the United Pentecostal Church died. She wa ssucceeded by Vera Kinzie.


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