Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | March 20, 2009

In Troubled Economy, Pastor Turns To Creative Electronic Giving

At Stevens Creek Church, there was one problem with the church’s collection plates. They didn’t accept plastic. So with fewer people carrying cash or checks, Dr. Marty Baker, Lead Pastor at Stevens Creek Church, realized it was going to take a little creativity to make sure the church could respond to the needs of the congregation and the community.

“I made calls and searched the internet,” said Dr. Baker, “but there was nothing out there to process electronic donations while a parishioner was at church.” That is, until now.

Dr. Baker decided to create a new way to give, and now his giving kiosks have been talked about all over the world. Today Stevens Creek Church takes in almost half a million dollars a year electronically. And with their commitment to staying current, Stevens Creek has seen double-digit increases in giving, while most charitable organizations are cutting corners.

Dr. Baker says it’s the church’s traditional theology of setting aside the tithe, coupled with the new technology allowing bank card donations. In fact, the pastor and his wife, Patty, started a company called SecureGive ( so that other churches and organizations could experience the same convenience, and keep the cash flowing during a difficult economy.


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