Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | April 21, 2009

Bullying Is Leading To Adolescent Suicide 2 Weeks In A Row

Imagine being in the 5th or 6th grade again. Entering into school and almost immediately taunts are hurled your way. Imagine going through this on a daily basis wondering who to tell. You finally get the nerve to tell and not only does the name calling intensify but you are now labeled a snitch or a tattle tale. You cant concentrate during the school day, y0u begin to have sleepless nights wishing everyone would just leave you alone. Your earnest desire as an 11 year old is just to be like everyone else. NORMAL! Yet either because of the way you talk or dress or act, you’ve been labeled another name that your parent has not even endorsed. You’ve been told by children your age that you are GAY! A SISSY! A HOMO! (and probably other names which would cause all of heaven and earth to scream out in sheer horror). This is what happened to Jaheem Herrera who was 11 years old here in the Atlanta area. A few weeks earlier, an almost identical report was found in Massachusetts by a boy named Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover. Both stories unfortunately end in SUICIDE (death by hanging).

I wanted to paint this graphic imagery for you because I want you to feel the pain of what’s going on in our school systems. I want you to get angry (but not sin). I want you to be aware that there are children being bullied right before your very eyes and are crying on the inside and outside for our help. If they don’t get help, seemingly the spirit of suicide creeps in and the child ends up taking their own life. How would you feel if you bore a son or daughter for 9 months and 11 years later they killed themselves over something that YOU as a parent could have possibly prevented? You would not have felt too good huh? We need to sit down and ask ourselves, “Why does our society put up with bullies . . . bullies that grow into adults and probably will do the same thing in the work place….bullies that go on to get married and bully their husband or wife. This should not be and something needs to be done about it now.

Parents, if you have school age children my first suggestion to you is to raise your children in the admonition and fear of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the GREATEST POWER! Teach your children the ways of Christ starting at an early age. When trials and tribulations come knocking at your young child’s door, they will be able to pray earnestly and seek God’s face for themselves because their mother and or father has taught them to put their trust in God alone and not to entertain thoughts that are contrary to God’s Word. Teach your children the power of the blood of Jesus. That it washes and cleanses and makes you whole. Teach them that the Name of Jesus will make the very gates of hell shudder at its mentioning of “that Name”. I’m a living witness that the blood of Jesus is just not for us adults, but its for children as well. I know this because I’ve used the Name of Jesus when I was growing up in heathenistic New York City public schools. My Christian background caused me not to curse, not to cut school, not to smoke in the school bathrooms etc etc.

I truly believe that there is no work schedule to difficult in a parents life to where they cant see signs of your own child’s demise. When they come home from school (even if you have to wake them up in the middle of the night) I want you to create an atmosphere in your household that will allow your child to tell you any and everything that he or she is going through when they go to school. If you see that your child is being bullied go right up to the school and confront the problem head on (that’s what my mother and aunt use to do……those sisters did not play back in the day…..I even remember my father going out the door and finding the local bully on our street we grew up in and told him what he was NOT going to do to his child). Talk with the teachers. If they ignore you, PULL YOUR CHILD OUT OF THAT SCHOOL and don’t allow them to go through the taunts. Would you stay someplace that someone is consistently hitting you over and over again? NO! You’d go the other way. Love your child enough to shield them and protect them from those that might cause physical or mental harm to your children. If it means you have to get up an hour early and drive your child clear across town to school then that’s what you have to do (or else your child might end up like Carl or Jaheem).

Let us all pray for these families in their hour of loss. Pray that the Holy Ghost gives them comfort. Saints, we are living in the last days, its time we press on in our victory march and continue to “drive ole satan away“.


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