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Day 10: The Month of May in Pentecostal History!

25 May 1847—John Alexander Dowie, healing revivalist and founder of Zion, Illinois, a utopian community that became a seedbed for Pentecostal conversions, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

24 May 1870—William Joseph Seymour, pastor of the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles, was born in Centerville, Louisiana.

17 May 1884–Andrew Bar David Urshan, early Oneness Pentecostal, missionary, and pastor, was born in Abajaloo, Urmia Persia.

22 May 1898—Oliver Franklin Fauss, former United Pentecostal Church Assistant General Superintendent, was born in Gage, Oklahoma.

11 May 1906—Frank Bartleman completed distribution of his tract on the great San Francisco earthquake, which helped increase attendance at Azusa Street.

May 1908—William J. Seymour and Jennie Moore were married in Los Angeles.

May 1908—Final issue of Seymour’s periodical, The Apostolic Faith, was published in Los Angeles.

14 May 1908—John G. Lake arrived in South Africa and begins Pentecostal missions work in that country.

22 May 1915—Presbytery of the Assemblies of God published a “Preliminary Statement Concerning the Principles Involved in the New Issue” in the Weekly Evangel, renouncing some of the tenets of the burgeoning Oneness movement.

3 May 1919—O.W. Williams, former United Pentecostal Church District Superintendent of the Texas District, was born in Tennessee.

17 May 1919—Andrew Urshan is denounced in The Christian Evangel for his Oneness views.

May 1937—A.D. Gurley resigned as editor of The Apostolic Herald, the official organ of the Pentecostal Church Incorporated.

12 May 1952—Declaration of international Sheaves for Christ Day by Pentecostal Conqueror’s President, Calvin Rigdon.


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