Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | June 1, 2009

Well Its Summer and “He” Still Deserves A Praise!

I hope everyone enjoyed my 31 days of Pentecost last month and found it to be very enlightening. If you didn’t well, the 31 days are over and we can now move on. Through my research I learned a lot myself and am really proud of my biblical heritage. As my Pastor said on yesterday Pentecost Sunday, we just don’t want to be Pentecostal in Name but we want to be able to experience Pentecost in word and in deed as well (so for starters, why don’t you just clap your hands and give our One God a great big hand clap of praise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES LAWD!!!!!).

Speaking of Praise, Lord knows we had church on yesterday. I have never seen so many souls get filled with the Holy Ghost. It was truly Pentecost “In The House”! I don’t know if God moves like that in your church service, but since we all serve the same God, why don’t you ask Him to send that latter rain and put some life into those dry bones.

On another note, its the summer time. I think we all can agree that summer is one of our favorite times of years. Its hot, you get to barbecue almost every weekend outdoors, school is out, summer camp is in session, vacation bible school is about to start, (oh and by the way congrats to all the graduates class of 2009).  Vacation, vacation vacation, the trees are in full bloom, its just a great time of the year. Let us all be reminded to keep God first in all that we do. Just because we are Apostolic does not mean we don’t know how to enjoy the land God has given us (especially in the summer AMEN!).

With that said, to all my graduates out there, remember there is NO RECESSION in GOD! God will take that summer internship and turn it into a career (you betta believe it). Just give Him the praise that He is do! Praise is always comely! Ya hear!

Saints, enjoy the summer where ever you may be. May the Lord continue to bless you real good. Oh and if you need to, order some tracts from the Pentecostal Publishing House and pass them out in your communities. Invite someone to experience this truth that we all have tasted of. You might not be able to guarantee that everything will be “peachy” however according to God’s Word, He promises to supply all of our needs according to his riches in glory. Just stand on his word and PRAISE HIM!


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