Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | June 9, 2009

Holiness! Its Still Right!


Since hoiness is Gods very nature, when we receive the Holy Spirit of God we receive a holy nature. Holiness is not an external. law but an integral part of our new nature. The Spirit places Gods moral law within us, not written on tables of stone but written in our hearts. The Spirit brings power to live righteously.

In living for God, we do not merely follow an outward list of rules, but we follow the nature of the Holy Spirit within us. We live holy because that is what the new man is and wants to be. We abstain from sin and worldliness because it is anathema to our new nature. We still struggle against the continual desires and lust of the old nature, but this is an internal struggle. No dictator imposes rules on us from the outside; we impost restrictions on our sinful nature because we no longer wish to follow the flesh but follow the Spirit. The difference between legalism and Christianity rests in the enabling power of the Spirit.

The proper Christian alternative to legalism, then, is to live by love, faith, and the Spirit. When we love God, have faith in His Word, and walk after His Spirit, we will apply Holiness principles to every situation of life. We will not depend upon man made rules, but we will rely upon the teachings of Gods Word and the leadership of Gods Spirit within us. In this way, we can overcome the dangers of legalism.

In conclusion, we can reject legalism and still emphasize practical holiness. This will be done when we place total faith in Jesus Christ, let our lives be dominated by love for Him, sincerely seek to obey the teachings of the Word of God, live in submission to the indwelling Holy Spirit, and make the personal effort required to implement holiness principles in our lives.

This and only this is the reason why we stress inward and outward holiness because the Bible commands us to put away the filth of the flesh (outward holiness) and spirit (inward holiness).


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