Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | June 16, 2009

Do you Feel Our President Is On Televison Too Much?

I was listening to the news today and some dude as well as other critiques claimed that our president is on television way too much (as though to infer that The President of the United States is trying to be a TV star of some sort).

Well I completely disagree. First and for most, how many of you have EVER seen what almost every room in the White House looks like? I’d say a large percentage of Americans have NOT! Oh, and when is the last time you’ve seen your president openly and publicly kiss his wife (especially during a time when divorce is at an all time high). Not many of us. We have seen Barbra Bush, Nancy Reagan and that other Bush chick sit and read silly stories to kids yet our current first lady literally hugs, kisses and plants gardens with our school age children (way to go Aunt Michelle….that’s the title my friends and I have come up for her). We have NO I repeat NO positive role models here in the United States with the exception of “some” Pastors and school teachers, its about time we see a common person in the white office, and what better way to get to know this common man than to be on TV (something that’s in the household of 95% of Americans (as we know the other 5% are UPCI and don’t watch TV lol lol lol).

Here is what Time Magazine has to say about our President and the media. Obama is in a mediasphere that includes broadcast, cable, blogs, Twitter and sundry home-entertainment boxes. To persuade in this world — and the President is not just the decider but also the persuader — you have to go multiplatform.

Remember the next time you turn on your fake reality shows like Survivor, that he is YOUR president too and deserves just as much airtime on TV as anyone else. Stop glorifying basketball stars and learn to look towards the newest positive role model America has had in a very lonnnnnggg time! But what say you? Take the opinion poll below and let us all know how you feel about this issue.


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