Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | June 23, 2009

Iran and Neda

I dont claim to be a know it all, but all this fussing and fighting that’s going on in Iran needs to stop. Yall are acting a fool over there and lives are being lost all over a vote. I know yall want democracy, and I also know you feel the election was rigged, but please please stop the violence. I cant take another CNN special on all that violence going on over there. And poor Neda (the unintentional martyr)! Yall done killed her and all she wanted was freedom from that horrific government.

As a side note, don’t bring that mess over here to the United States with all that protesting and violence. We got enough problems. Ohhhhh and another thing, confess Jesus as Lord because Allah CANNOT hear your prayer (nor Muhammad or the rest of those false gods…yup…I said it).

I just had to add my two cents and vent!


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