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Fruit Of The Spirit: Faith

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Faith in Christianity is based in the work and teaching of Jesus Christ. In this way Christianity declares not to be distinguished by its faith, but by the object of its faith. Faith is an act of trust or reliance on God. Rather than being passive, faith leads to an active life of obedience to the one being trusted. It sees the mystery of God and his grace and seeks to know and become obedient to God. Faith is not static but causes one to learn more of God and grow, it has its origin in God. In Christianity faith causes change as it seeks a greater understanding of God. Faith is not fideism or simple obedience to a set of rules or statements. Before the Christian has faith, one must understand in whom and in what one has faith. Without understanding, there cannot be true faith. Understanding is built on the foundation of the community of believers: the understanding of the scriptures and traditions of the community of believers and on personal experiences of the believer. In the New Testament, the word faith is derived from the Greek word pistis or from the root word peitho, meaning to trust, to have confidence, faithfulness, to be reliable, to assure.

By faith we are saved and thus begins the “Fruit of the Spirit within us Faith.”  We need to make the effort and take the  responsibility to move forward in our faith.  We should strive to develop and nurture that faith as we study the Word of God, the Bible.  Just a Jesus knocks at the door of our lives we have to open that door to allow Him to come in, we had to make the effort.  The same is true about spiritual growth, we have to make the effort to grow into a deeper relationship with the Lord.  We have the initial faith that allowed us to be saved, now it’s our responsibility to develop that faith throughout our lives.


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