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Why Its Important To Continue To Preach Doctrine.

I just wanted to share this with my readers today. I was reading Apostolic Friends Forum and decided to share with the message board that my local assembly will be having a doctrine conference this weekend starting tomorrow night Thursday. Well, after a few comments, an individual said something that caused me to respond in such a way that I would need to defend the reason for why its important to continually preach doctrine. Below you will see our discussion.

Doesn’t Paul teach us about dividing the body over various doctrines like, oh, “the doctrines of baptisms” along with the other things he mentioned?

AFF Forum Reader: I’m just sayin as much as I am wholeheartedly for Jesus Name baptism, and will never consider personally baptizing someone any other way and will never consider allowing my children to be baptized any other way (solely), I don’t think that Christians who are baptized F,S, and HG are lost simply because of their baptism.

Is there any church that does everything exactly like the first church did?

So what we do that’s different is acceptable because we do it and we have the Holy Ghost that bears witness that our different way of doing things is acceptable.

Below you will read my personal response.
Pope Of Pentecost Responds: Please read your Word with the understanding that the Holy Ghost has given you. Hebrews 6:2 has nothing to do with NOT telling someone about the doctrine of baptism however it has EVERYTHING to do with Christians who are already IN the TRUTH to begin to move/progress forward in their quest towards holiness. Start out by reading verse 1 of Hebrews 6and I’ll quote “Therefore leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ” If one does not have the basic foundation (elementary principles) one cannot possibly move on to progressive holiness if there is NO FOUNDATION. The sole purpose of any doctrinal conference is to lay the foundation of what we as Apostolics believe. Since there will be numerous denominations in attendance, we cannot possibly skip over the foundation and go straight into building a house. It will fall. With that said, I firmly believe and stand in agreement that if one is Holy Ghost filled but is NOT baptised in Jesus Name, they need to be told the truth (hence the reason why we as a church have decided to invite other people outside of our organization/denomination).

Now, if 100% of people in attendance already have the basic fundementals of The Truth (i.e. repentance, baptism in Jesus Name, infilling of the Holy Ghost) then Hebrews Chapter 6 would be a great chapter to quote since the basic concept of this chapter is that since the foundation has already been laid, its time to move on in your walk with Christ. I agree 100% with Paul when he clearly says we cannot “lay again the foundation” but that we need to “progress…..move forward” in our Christian walk. That being said, since there is only ONE Lord, ONE Faith and ONE baptism, one would at least need to attempt to do things the bible way instead of just saying “Is there any church that does everything exactly like the first church did?”

I’ll leave these final words with you, no TRUTH equals no freedom. 100% Truth equals 100% freedom. And that freedom I speak of is the freedom from all erroneous doctrine. Until Jesus comes, there will always be people who need MILK preached to them as well as people like you and I who need MEAT preached to them. If only meat is served, we all need to toss out our new converts classes but since milk and meat needs to be preached, we as an Apostolic body need to find an equilibrium in our preaching methods, hence the reason why a “doctrine” conference is always going to be in order.

With that being said, you can see it is extremely important to continue steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine with Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Corner Stone. I am 100% Apostolic. My church is 100% Apostolic and we have committed ourselves to spread THE ONLY TRUTH to a world that needs it.


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