Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | August 10, 2009

Going To The PAW Convention Tonight!

Ok, so is the PAW National Convention following me? Last year this time I lived in Dallas and the PAW Convention was in Dallas. This year I live in Atlanta again and the PAW convention is in Atlanta…..funny huh….. Well anywho, Noel Jones is preaching tonight so we should have good Word and stomp down church! I’ll keep ya posted!

UPDATE: So its the morning after and I am pooped from churching HARD last night at the opening night service of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Convention. The saints are here in numbers (praise the Lord)! I am 100% happy that the PAW chose the Atlanta Civic Center to hold their evening services in. The acostics are excellent. You can see all the Saints praising God and hear the choir no matter where you sit in this venue. I would however have liked for them to have decorated the stage a little more, but thats neither here nor there. The Atlanta Civic Center holds about 4,600 people and I’d say almost every seat in the house was taken. Praise and Worship (or rather devotional service as the black apostolic church calls it) was excellent. They took us STRAIGHT to church and I’m glad about it. The Saints come to Praise Him, not to sit there and be entertained. So kudos to the worship team last night. The presider of the service/mc was a hoot. I like him. Gotta find out what church he pastors at. Noel Jones killed us with the Word last night. The message was ITS TIME TO SHINE (like Moses was shining when he came down from the mountain the second time with the ten commandments). Love love love Noel. Thank God he is still in the organization amen….. with that said, I’ll be going back later on towards the end of the week. Will keep you posted.


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