Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | August 20, 2009

Will The Bank Cash This Check?

Above you will find a check. We all agree that thus far the check is blank correct? Great! Now, when writing this check would you sign your “name” as Father? How about Son? How about “My Spirit”? While the bank wont cash this check, one could ask themselves what Father are you talking about? Son? Who’s son? There are millions of fathers and sons. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Banking rules and regulations are clear. If there is no name on the check, it is NOT a valid check correct? Correct!

Let me explain it like this, If you wanted to write a check to your best friend Jack Buck, would you write Pay to the Order of “My Best Friend” and give him the check or would you put Pay to the Order of “Jack Buck”? The bank certainly would not cash a check TITLED Pay to the Order of “My Best Friend”, the title “My Best Friend” does not distinguish or determine ownership, the check could belong to anyone. But, by placing the Name “Jack Buck”, it identifies to whom the money belongs. This is very analogous to the Baptism in the Name of Jesus and why it is crucial to be baptized in His name. We all know that our path to future salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. Well, this correct baptism illustrates the path.

Through water baptism in the name of Jesus, Jesus then takes ownership of your soul and writes His name (Jesus) on your human spirit. No were in the bible will you find that the disciples baptized using titles Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Be right when you stand before God.  Get Baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins. If the Apostles understood this, preached this, taught this principle then you should too.


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