Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | September 4, 2009

Facebook Nightmare!


Well praise the Lord saints, happy Friday and happy labor day weekend. Well, where do I begin (I’ll make this short). I was searching online for an old classmate of mine and found him along with almost my entire graduating class. I had not spoken to any of them since we graduated over 13 years ago. Well, I decided to sign up for facebook just so I could communicate with everyone. Well, I then saw all my church friends from NYC, North Carolina, Virgina and Atlanta GA and said “well what do you know, I guess I should just add them on as friends too”. BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!!!! I added everyone online last night and everyone was happy yet extremely surprised that I was now on facebook (people know my stance on those online social networking sites). But they welcomed me never the less. Well, I woke up this morning and saw allllllllllllllllllllllllll (and I mean all) kinds of un-godly comments all over my page. Pure foolishness that I don’t even care to repeat. Do you know some of these people are the same people that I told about the accident with my mother and sister and none of them called me yet they can log on to facebook and talk foolishness and claim to be holy and sanctified???????????? I was appalled because my worldly classmates were not even saying the things that my so called Christian “facebook” friends were saying.

Needless to say, I regret signing up on facebook so I have permanently deleted my profile (DON’T GO LOOKING ME UP BECAUSE YOU WONT FIND ME ON THERE). I have a career and I don’t want current or future employers to look up my name and see that I am associated with anything that is contrary to a) what I believe and b) what my corporations standards are.

So with that in mind, less than 12 hours later I NO LONGER HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and will not be going back. I’ll just stick with the Pope Of Pentecost Blog (which is a controlled environment that I personally can control) and as you can see for the past 2 years its been very successful in leading souls to Christ.

Ok, so I’m done venting now. I just had to get that off my chest. For those of you who are on facebook, more power to ya, but as for me and my house, I choose to stay far far away from that site. If I don’t bump into you on the street or at my high school reunion, I guess it just was not meant for us to meet and greet anymore in this present life time. Oh well. No hard feelings at facebook, but “Saints” (or should I call some of them “Aints”) watch what you say on that thing.

It just IS what it IS!


  1. I used to be an “Apostolic Pentecostal” That church is in St.Marys WV. It’s the attitude you have about everything That caused me to leave those people and never look back. This is not meant to be argumentative, I’m just letting you know why you probably don’t have many friends outside of the sanctuary.


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