Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | November 9, 2009

Grand Finale: An Experience Second To None!

It is with Jesus Joy that I share with you tonight that my church choir has been crowned “Best Church Choir in America” by Verizon Wireless ($25,000). We also were chosen for the “V CAST National People’s Choice Award Winner” ($5,000) with a total winnings of $30,000! Lets give God a great hand clap of praise.
God told us as a congregation and a choir on more than one occasion through tongues and interpretation of the tongues that we were to go to Detroit and set the people free. There has been hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of miracles, signs and wonders that have taken place because of this competition and once again, all glory belongs to our One God who’s Name is clearly JESUS!!!!!!!!
So whats next for Atlanta West Pentecostal Church (UPCI)? Well, we are going to record with the money next year 2010 and the icing on the cake is that we will be performing at this years Stellar Awards with Donald Lawrence on January 16th 2010 in Nashville, TN.
I boldly proclaim to you that outward and inward holiness is still right. The baptism in Jesus Name is still right. Speaking in tongues as the Spirit of God gives utterance is still right! No compromise! And because we hold to the traditions of the Apostolic Faith (Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone) your black, white and latino Apostolic Brothers and Sisters are able to proclaim that there is still One Lord, One Faith and One Baptism to the entire world. I so thank and praise God for the revival that has broken out across the nation because of this choir competition. Saints, do not be surprised if your local congregations start to be flooded with souls wanting to know more about the truth because they saw a video or actually attended a live concert that my choir ministered at. Organizational affiliation has nothing to do with this outbreak of revival. It has to do with a group of like minded people such as you and I who hold fast to the teachings of the Apostolic Faith!
Did we dance on stage? Yes we did! Did we pray for unsaved souls in the back after our performance? Yes we did! Bottom line, God was glorified and the devil was horrified and I truly believe Detroit (along with every other city that watched) will never be the same. In the words of Byron Cage (one of the judges of the How Sweet The Sound Finale) “YOU CANT JUDGE THE HOLY GHOST”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (because Holy Ghost filled believers always win in the end).
Congratulations also is in order for the second runner up (who might I add had vibrato that was second to none) Mt. Ararat Baptist Church – Pittsburgh, PA! They won $15,000!
For those that watch TV, you can view the entire finale on the Gospel Music Channel in the upcoming weeks (I think its the latter part of November) and of course, to view the BEST CHURCH CHOIR IN AMERICA, you can click here and watch the entire WORSHIP EXPERIENCE because truly God was worshipped! See you guys at the Stellar Awards January 2010 and watch for our upcoming album sometime in 2010!
P.S. Raw video footage of the judges response can be found here!


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