Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | November 29, 2009

The Apostolic Version Of “One More Chance”

Ok, so this clip is of Lillian Lloyd singing One More Chance at the installation concert of the now Pastor Kervy Brown (the former Pastor Bishop R. L. Jackson of Greater Deliverance Temple in Danville, VA passed away and now Kervy is the new Pastor).

Give you a little background on Kervy, you know he comes out of the Way of the Cross Church Of Christ Inc movement (which is a break off branch/split of the Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ back in 1933) Kervy has been a part of Love Fellowship Tabernacle (which of corse is where I come from AND is an Apostolic Church) then he went to Full Gospel Holy Temple in Dallas TX (while living in Dallas I went to more than my fair portion of FGHT church services and loved every bit of it…well the shouting and holiness preaching that is lol) anywho, he is now pastor of  Greater Deliverance Temple.

Well, if you notice at 5:40, Lillian begins to ad-lib how it is a necessity to be baptised in Jesus Name and to be filled with the Holy Ghost evident by speaking in other tongues. I soooooooooo loved that (and just wanted to share it with you). All right Danville! (and I got some kin folks in Danville, uncles, aunts, cousins and I got folks over in Martinsville tooo, sure do! I guess I better pay them and this church a visit.


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