Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | December 5, 2009

Seventh Day Adventist Throw Back From 1997 (Dynamic Praise of Huntsville, AL)

Does youtube have EVERYTHING? It seems like it. So how about I was doing a casual search on youtube and found a video of me singing with Dynamic Praise back in 1997 (uh almost 13 years ago). I promise you they were ready to THROW ME OUT THE CHOIR because I was the only one that use to shout and speak in tongues (I guess thats why I had to become Apostolic cause the Adventist could not take all that Holy Ghost ha ha ha ha ha). All I can say is AMAZING! Take a close look on the front row in the tenor section (the one that consistently is jumping up and down). Ya might find me (hehehehehe) What I will credit the Adventist Church for is setting the foundation of my musical career…..then Pastor Walker fusing music with the Apostolic Faith down on the inside of my soul and finally my current church for allowing me the opportunity to lead God’s people in Worship through song. Wow, what a mighty God (Jesus) we serve!!!!


  1. Lol!! Brova was gettin his praise on!!!


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